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Kendo UI ®

The Most Complete UI Library
to Speed Up Your HTML/JS

Build rich, smart HTML5 and JavaScript apps for any platform, browser, or device.


How Does Kendo UI for jQuery Cut Development Time?

Kendo UI for jQuery by Progress delivers everything you need to build a modern web application under tight deadlines. Choose from more than 70 UI components and easily combine them to create beautiful and responsive apps, while speeding development time by up to 50 percent.

  • 70+ UI Components

    Get any UI component you would ever need for your app - from the must-haves Data Grids, DropDowns, Menus and Buttons to the advanced line-of-business UIs, such as Charts, Spreadsheet, Gantt, Diagram, Scheduler, PivotGrid, and Maps.
  • Smart UI for Any Screen Size

    Build cross-platform web applications delivering experience tailored to the user's screen size on desktop, tablet and phone. All components integrate seamlessly with grid-layout frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation. Learn more about Kendo UI for jQuery responsive capabilities.
  • Easy to Learn and Use

    Kendo UI uses a common JavaScript language and standards so that it’s easy for any JavaScript developer to get started. You can get ready-to-use sample apps saving you time to include the needed Kendo UI for jQuery libraries and set-up the components in your apps.
  • Beautiful Themes

    Choose from dozens of ready-to-use themes to make your app pop without writing any CSS. Some of our most popular themes are: Material Design, SAP Fiori, and Office 365. A simple StyleBuilder tool further lets you customize those themes.
  • Working with Data Online and Offline

    Leverage the Kendo UI for jQuery DataSource component for easy and powerful data-binding to local and remote data, offline storage and support for all popular web services, like REST and OData.
  • Integrates with Angular

    Kendo UI for jQuery works seamlessly with AngularJS 1.x so that you can build apps the Angular 1.x way - declarative data binding, routing, form validation, and many other functionalities. All Kendo UI for jQuery components support AngularJS directives. The new Kendo UI for Angular 2 (beta) is built from the ground up and provides you with pure, native Angular 2 components. 
  • Export Excel, PDF, and PNG

    Manage common office documents in your apps. End-users work with tons of office documents like Excel, PDF, and PNG. Enable them to easily export those documents with the advanced exporting capabilities of Kendo UI for jQuery.
  • Works with all browsers

    Leverages latest HTML5/JS features for modern browsers, while maintaining compatibility with the old.
  • Unlimited Product Support

    We’re proud to provide a support service that our customers love. Kendo UI for jQuery offers unlimited support delivered by the engineers of the product with a 24-hour guaranteed response time, Monday through Friday.
  • Easy to Learn and Use

    Kendo UI uses a common JavaScript language and standards so that it’s easy for any JavaScript developer to get started. You can get ready-to-use sample apps saving you time to include the needed Kendo UI for jQuery libraries and set-up the components in your apps.

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Kendo UI for Angular 2


We're proud to introduce the newest member of the Kendo UI family, Kendo UI for Angular 2. Built from the ground up with TypeScript, we're building pure, native Angular 2 UI components without any jQuery dependencies. We won’t settle for anything less and we don’t think you should either.

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Flexible Packaging Tailored to Your Needs

Cross-Device Apps
With HTML5

per developer, royalty-free

If you are working on a pure HTML5/JavaScript application, you need Kendo UI Professional:

70+ HTML5 UI components
15 themes
Unlimited 24-hour guaranteed support

Build HTML5 Apps
With Server-Side

per developer, royalty-free

If you do server-side web development on .NET, Java or PHP and need to leverage the rich capabilities of Kendo UI with your preferred server language, get Kendo UI Complete:

Kendo UI Professional
UI for ASP.NET Core
UI for JSP
UI for PHP

Build Apps for Any
Platform with Ultimate

per developer, royalty-free

If you are working on more complex applications, covering web, desktop and native mobile platforms consider one of our DevCraft bundles:

Kendo UI Complete
Reporting and code quality tools
Native mobile suites


New Features and Roadmap

New Dialog Widget

New Dialog Widget

The Dialog requests and action from the user via a popup dialog. It's more robust than the Window component in that it has an optional title and a footer containing one or more buttons.

New media player

New Media Player

The Media Player is a lightweight component which allows you to play audio and video files in your web sites. It works with files of any HTML5-supported format, including WebM, Ogg, MP4 and WAVE. You can also play YouTube videos.


Spreadsheet Enhancements

Numerous data entry enhancements have been made to the Spreadsheet. Support for custom editors, which provide the ability to add any Kendo UI widget to a cell, and support for user-defined names in formulas are just two of the many enhancements.


Support and Learning

Check out our extensive catalog of demos, interactive tutorials and detailed Kendo UI blog posts.


Kendo UI for jQuery Developer Certification

KendoUI Certification

Put your HTML5/JavaScript skills to the test. Get an independent validation of your Kendo UI for jQuery knowledge. The test is a set of comprehensive questions that assesses your knowledge of the Kendo UI for jQuery toolkit. After successfully completing the exam, you will receive a personalized certificate, certification badge for blogs and business cards, a membership to the Kendo UI Certified LinkedIn Group and a Kendo UI Certified T-shirt.

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Kendo UI for jQuery: the Preferred UI Toolkit for
Enterprise Platforms


Kendo UI for jQuery is officially certified as the first UI component suite approved for web development using the HP Helion platform. Being the standard for modern UI, Kendo UI for jQuery allows you to utilize technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS for shaping stunning UIs using the HP Helion Development Platform.


As a Microsoft partner, Kendo UI for jQuery powers the Office 365 Developer Program. This allows all Office 365 developers to create modern and engaging apps for Office 365 and SharePoint using Kendo UI for jQuery. The product includes an O365-inspired theme to help developers build compelling web experiences for Office 365.


Being a SAP Partner, Kendo UI for jQuery provides 70+ powerful HTML5 jQuery-based UI widgets that can be easily styled in compliance with the SAP Fiori UX guidelines. You’ll get an out-of-the-box Fiori-inspired theme and built-in responsiveness.

As a developer working for the DOD we were able to rapidly integrate Kendo UI into a pre-existing C# application providing functionality to the client they were not even aware they wanted. This cut down majorly on cost saving roughly 1+ million. I would recommend Kendo UI to anyone who wants to impress their client with amazing UI.
Thanks Telerik Team!

Gerald Hirsch Front End Developer, U.S. Government

After being in the industry for over 20 years I have seen a lot of frameworks come and go, but Kendo UI is by far the best for hybrid/mobile/native apps. Not only for its ease of use but it plays well with others.

Geovanni Hudson Sr. Web/UI Application Engineer, PCYC

Great JavaScript components for fast and high quality web app development. Kendo UI is very easy to use and very fast to get results from.

Goran Bajer Software Developer, U.S. Government