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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Color Palette renders a predefined set of colors as blocks, letting the user select from one of the available colors. Without the ability to add a custom color, the component is perfectly suited when only a limited set of colors should be available to users.

    See Angular ColorPalette Overview demo.

  • ColorPalette Presets

    Save time defining a full color spectrum thanks to the varied set of built-in color presets available in the Kendo UI for Angular ColorPalette. You can lean on available color palettes like Office, Basic, Metro and others.

    See Angular ColorPalette Presets demo.

  • Read-Only ColorPalette

    Any Kendo UI for Angular ColorPalette can be rendered in a read-only mode, preventing users from selecting a color while retaining the enabled visual style.

    See Angular ColorPalette Read-Only ColorPalette demo.

  • Forms Support

    The Kendo UI for Angular ColorPalette supports integration with both template-driven and Reactive forms.

    See Angular ColorPalette Forms Support demo.

  • Disabled ColorPalette

    The Kendo UI for Angular ColorPalette can be disabled to prevent user interactions when necessary.

    See Angular ColorPalette Disabled ColorPalette demo.

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