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  • Enable users to filter and select items from a list of available options using a variety of methods.
  • Part of the Kendo UI for Angular library along with more than 80 professionally-designed components developers trust for all their Angular UI needs.
  • Get up and running quickly with award winning support, detailed documentation, demos, virtual classrooms and a 3-million-strong developer community.

Angular UI Component Library
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  • Overview

    Enable users to easily and intuitively discover, narrow down and select items from a list of available options with Kendo UI for Angular AutoComplete.

    See Angular AutoComplete Overview demo.

  • Filtering

    Precisely define how data items are filtered to match the user’s input with the filtering options of the Kendo UI for Angular AutoComplete. Through the implementation of conditional statements such as “starts with”, “contains” and more, you can control the dropdown of available items based on what the user is typing.

    See Angular AutoComplete Filtering demo.

  • Grouping

    Define categories and group items by category in AutoComplete to avoid long lists help users navigate the available options in an organized way.

    See Angular AutoComplete Grouping demo.

  • Suggestions

    Save users time and keystrokes to find their desired value. With suggestions turned on, Kendo UI for Angular AutoComplete will autofill the input field with suggestions based on what the user has typed in so far.

    See Angular AutoComplete Suggestions demo.
  • Virtualization

    Performance is at the forefront for Kendo UI for Angular UI components. Effortlessly scroll through large sets of data thanks to the high-performance, built-in Angular AutoComplete virtualization feature.

    See Angular AutoComplete Virtualization demo.

  • Floating Labels

    Popularized by Material Design, the floating label starts off as a placeholder in an input element only to animate out and float above the input and act as a label. Thanks to integration with the Kendo UI for Angular FloatingLabel component, our Angular AutoComplete can easily use floating labels no matter the design language you are using.

    See Angular AutoComplete Floating Labels demo.

  • Forms Support

    Build your web application with a form of your choice. The Kendo UI for Angular AutoComplete component works with both template-driven and reactive forms, allowing you to integrate the component in any form.

    See Angular AutoComplete Forms Support demo.

  • Templates

    Fully customize the look and feel of each item within the Angular AutoComplete with templates. This includes the default items that represents each data item, as wells as the header and footer elements of Kendo UI for Angular AutoComplete.

    See Angular AutoComplete Templates demo.

  • Keyboard Navigation

    Empower users to increase productivity and facilitate accessibility with keyboard support. Kendo UI for Angular AutoComplete has built-in keyboard support to help users navigate every aspect of the application using just a keyboard.

    See Angular AutoComplete Keyboard Navigation demo.

  • Accessibility

    Ensure your application meets the international accessibility requirements. Every Kendo UI for Angular component has built-in digital accessibility features to help you stay compliant with accessibility standards.

    Our Kendo UI for Angular AutoComplete follows the official WCAG guidelines and supports Section 508, Keyboard Navigation, and WCAG 2.0 (with a AAA rating) compliance.

    See Angular AutoComplete Accessibility demo.

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