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Debug Your Network Traffic to Deliver
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Amplify your debugging efforts with a Web Debugging Proxy for any device or platform. Fiddler Everywhere is a pathway for all, supporting macOS, Linux and Windows.

What is Fiddler Everywhere?

Fiddler Everywhere is a modern, easy-to-use web debugging proxy for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Your trusted debugging tool for testing end-to-end behavior.

Fiddler Everywhere is a powerful tool to modify the response before it reaches the browser to test and debug web applications. Your must-have tool.
Fiddler Everywhere's flexible pricing plans deliver the high value you expect. No matter the plan you choose, your subscription is feature-packed. Try before you buy. 
Fiddler Everywhere delivers a straightforward approach for web, mobile, and desktop debugging that yields measurable time and cost-savings.

What's Supercharged in Fiddler Everywhere



  • Multiple Capturing Options

    In addition to the System proxy that captures all network traffic on your computer, and the Browser option that opens a clean browser instance, you can also capture traffic by triggering a Terminal process.

  • Choreographed Filters

    Specify the filter criteria to see captured sessions and save the filters with the power to re-use them each time you search for specific results.

  • Powerful Traffic Capturing

    Capture HTTP(S), including HTTP/2, WebSocket, gRPC traffic and connections that support TLS 1.3 on Windows, macOS, and Linux right out of the box with Fiddler Everywhere.

  • Nimble API Composer

    Fiddler Everywhere's API Composer makes it easy to quickly compose, test, group, and organize your API requests. You can make a new request from scratch or edit a request already captured by Fiddler Everywhere.

  • Robust Rule Builder

    Your power tool for mocking server responses, modifying traffic and simulating real-life scenarios. Create Rules based on your preferred conditions and organize them into Groups for easier workflow.

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Where and How to Use Fiddler Everywhere

Fiddler Everywhere is Feature-Rich

Base Features

  • Inspect Web Traffic (HTTP & HTTPS)
  • Inspect Mobile Device Traffic
  • Inspect Desktop Traffic
  • Export Captured Traffic
  • Filter Traffic
  • Quick Search
  • Capture Traffic Through Terminal
  • Create Custom Columns
  • HTTP/2 Support 
  • WebSocket Support, Server-sent Events, MessagePack, SocketIO
  • Traffic Comparison – Beta
  • TLS 1.3 Support
  • UI themes and horizontal layout selection

Advanced Features

  • Network Adapter Capturing (macOS)
  • Compose API Requests
  • Edit Requests in Composer
  • Create Rules
  • Breakpoints
  • Save Sessions
  • Save Composer Requests
  • Save Filters
  • Capture gRPC – Beta
  • Policy-driven installation
  • SSO
  • Offline Mode
  • SOC 2 certified

Sharing & Collaboration

  • Sharing of Sessions
  • Sharing of Composer Requests
  • Sharing of Rules
  • Add Context with Comments/Note

Upcoming Features

  • Bandwidth Simulation
  • Mask/Delete Requests with Sensitive Data
  • Performance Suggestions
  • Composer Variables
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What Users Say

We use Fiddler as a proxy in our development process. We're able to save countless hours by running code locally instead of publishing changes. This makes it very easy to test and confirm code changes work properly before pushing anything to production.

Fiddler made it easy for us to work on different projects set up in different environments. Fiddler enables us to work on all projects simultaneously with very minimal settings needed for each project. It not only increases our productivity (users need to learn less applications) but also reduces costs (reduces the number of applications needed to buy).

I appreciate Progress Telerik Fiddler's intuitive interface and robust web debugging capabilities, providing seamless navigation and invaluable insights into HTTP traffic for optimal application performance.

Best Proxy Server Tool I have used. For web developers, it is one of the advanced tools with the simplest UI in the business. Easy to use. Lots of features.

It's so simple to use, really easy to filter out requests to only see the bits that you are actually interested in. It's such a useful and well-built project that I insist all developers on my team have it so that they can use it for debugging and to aid in building new integrations. Invaluable tool. Cannot recommend it enough.

Additional Tools and Solutions in the Fiddler Family

There’s a Fiddler Product for Every Need

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Original Fiddler Web Debugger tool — feature rich, functional and supported only on Windows.


Reliable and powerful .NET library allowing you to capture and modify HTTP and HTTPS traffic. 

Fiddler Cap

A lightweight companion tool to capture web traffic from end-users or from customer environments.


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