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Virtual Classroom

On-Demand Technical and Product Training 
for .NET and JavaScript developers

What is Virtual Classroom?

Virtual Classroom is a free on-demand training program for Telerik & Kendo UI active license holders.

With a wide variety of technology and product-focused training courses, covering .NET, JavaScript and the Telerik and Kendo UI toolkits, you will be able to expand and improve your development skills and start building modern line-of-business apps for web, mobile and desktop, regardless if you are just starting with a new technology or have been building apps for years.

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With the Progress Virtual Classroom Training you will:

  • Empower your developer productivity & gain new skills
  • Grow your product know-how
  • Improve your getting started experience and get peak performance in your apps
  • Explore common development practices, code examples and sample applications
  • Learn at your own pace and choose your own learning path

  • All active license holders of Telerik DevCraft (UI, Complete & Ultimate), Kendo UI and Telerik individual suites have direct access to the on-demand training. If you already have an account just head straight to the Your Account page and navigate to the Virtual Classroom Portal from there. (Detailed info in the FAQ section below)

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    Virtual Classroom Courses Agenda:

    • Kendo UI & Angular:
    • Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC and Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core:
    • Kendo UI & React (Native + Wrappers):
    • Kendo UI & jQuery:
    • Kendo UI & Vue:
    • Telerik UI for Xamarin:
    • Telerik UI for WPF:
    • Telerik Reporting & Telerik Report Server:
    • Telerik UI for WinForms:
    • Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX:
    • Telerik UI for UWP:
    • Bonus: Telerik Test Studio

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How can I login to the Progress Virtual Classroom?

    A: You can enter the Progress Virtual Classroom by logging into Your Account and navigating to the learning portal link in the Support drop-down or through the on page banner. As long as you have an active license, you will be automatically signed into the portal and can start learning.
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    Q: I have an active license, but can't login to the training portal?
    A: It usually takes the system around 24 hours to refresh each user's credentials after purchase. If you have an active account for a bundle or an individual Telerik or Kendo UI product, you will be automatically signed into the system via Single-Sign-On (SSO), by clicking on the "Go to Virtual Classroom" button from the Your Account page. In the cases when a day has passed and you are still getting an error, please contact our support team.

    Q: I used to have access to Virtual Classroom, but cannot login anymore?
    A: If you were previously able to log into the system, your account might have expired. Once you renew your license, your access rights will be automatically updated and you will be able to log back in.

    Q: How frequently will the content be updated?
    A: To keep content fresh, we will be updating the sessions on various occasions based on the technology trends and developments, or any new major features, functionalities, tools, extensions and more.  

    Q: Can I attend the sessions live?
    A: Starting R3 2018 (Sept 12th, 2018) the sessions are only available as recordings. We've shifted the format from having live sessions alongside the recordings following feedback from Virtual Classroom attendees.The new approach will make it possible for you to watch the videos at your convenience and learn at your own pace - taking enough time to drill deeper into specific topics and explored the 

    Q: Where can I ask any technical questions not covered in the training sessions?
    A: You can ask any outstanding questions through the Support Center. You are entitled to free technical support with your product purchase, as well as during your trial period.

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