Native UI Components for Microsoft’s Blazor Framework

A Set of Native UI Components for Microsoft’s Blazor Framework


Telerik UI for Blazor is a rich set of web UI components designed specifically for Blazor giving developers the ability to write rich web interfaces with C# rather than JavaScript. These components have been built from the ground-up to ensure a tight integration with Blazor as the framework itself evolves.


  • Evolving with Blazor

    Telerik UI for Blazor has been built from scratch in order to offer a native integration with Blazor. This means we can be in lock-step with the evolution of the Blazor framework itself.

  • Native Components – No Wrappers

    UI for Blazor is a set of native UI components. This means these components are not wrapped around an existing UI library, giving developers the ability to utilize full power of Blazor.

  • Data Grids and More

    Blazor apps, like many web apps, are data intensive. This is why we are focusing on data-focused UI components like the Grid.

  • Performance First

    With no legacy code to hold it back, UI for Blazor can focus on the thing that is the most important for apps with large amounts of data: performance.

  • Community Driven

    The point of UI for Blazor is to serve the Blazor community, which means we are actively working with the community to plan our roadmap.

  • Modern Design

    Telerik UI for Blazor comes with support for modern design languages like Bootstrap and Material Design – all right out of the box!

Rich Web UI Components – All Without Writing JavaScript

Blazor takes advantage of WebAssembly to its fullest by allowing developers to target web development with .NET code. Previously the realm of only JavaScript, this opens up the ability to use C# to add client-side logic to a page. Since Telerik UI for Blazor is built natively, without any dependencies, this means that Data Grids and other complex UX components can be configured without a single line of JavaScript.

  • Grid

    A Data Grid component to display and interact with data, including features like sorting and paging with the feature set expanding across every release.

  • Tab

    Display a navigational tab strip, providing an easy way for users to cycle through content without having to navigate to another page.


Native UI Components
– Not Wrappers

Telerik UI for Blazor is built from the ground up, which means the library contains native UI components. Since UI for Blazor does not rely on JavaScript-based UI widgets the components can take full advantage of Blazor without the need for legacy interops or workarounds.


In Lock-Step with Blazor Itself

These UI components were released in an early preview to get feedback from early adopters of Blazor. This also gives them a chance to evolve along with Blazor and ensure that any new features or nuances of the framework can easily be integrated with UI for Blazor.

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Next Steps

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