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Deploy Reports to Any ReportViewer Control

Add reports to any business application. View reports in web, desktop and cloud apps. Export reports to any format (15+ supported formats).

  • Report Viewer Controls - Create Once, Deliver Everywhere

    With Telerik .NET Reporting, you can deliver interactive reports directly to your web or desktop application. Reports can be viewed in ASP.NET Core, Blazor, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, Angular, WPF, WinForms, Azure Cloud, ASP.NET Web Forms and Touch Web Applications, where we aim for the same look and feel of the reports, regardless of the platform.

    ASP.NET Core Reporting

    ASP.NET Core Report Service combined with HTML5 report viewer is suitable for ASP.NET Core applications running on Windows, Linux and macOS.
    Learn how to embed Reporting into your ASP.NET Core applications. 

    Blazor Reporting

    The Blazor Viewer is a component which can be used in Blazor applications. It is built on top of the HTML5 Report Viewer which is the base for the rest of the Web-technologies report viewers as well. 
    Learn how to embed Reporting into your Blazor applications. 

    ASP.NET Web Forms Reporting

    The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer is a server-side wrapper around the HTML5 Report Viewer. It is designed to be used in new ASP.NET WebForms applications or as a replacement of the obsolete Telerik Reporting ASP.NET Report Viewer in existing applications.
    Learn how to embed Reporting into your ASP.NET Web Forms applications.

    ASP.NET MVC Reporting

    The HTML5 ASP.NET MVC report viewer control allows you to configure the HTML5 viewer via server-side code. It renders the JavaScript viewer object and required scripts on the page and is suitable for ASP.NET MVC4/MVC5 projects.
    Learn how to embed Reporting into your ASP.NET MVC applications

    Angular Reporting

    The Angular report viewer control allows you to easily introduce reporting functionality into your Angular application. Reports are generated in the .NET backend.
    Learn how to embed Reporting into your Angular applications. 

    HTML5 Reporting

    The HTML5 report viewer control is an HTML/CSS/JS client-side widget, which does not require assembly references. It is suitable for any web application that works with JavaScript, including React and Vue.js applications.
    Learn how to embed Reporting into your HTML5 applications. 

    WPF Reporting

    The WPF report viewer control is suitable for WinForms and WPF projects. It is built on top of our comprehensive WPF suite, so it supports their theming mechanism. 
    Learn more how to embed Reporting into your WPF applications. 

    WinForms Reporting

    The WinForms report viewer control is suitable for WinForms and WPF projects. It is built with standard Microsoft controls and can operate with an embedded reporting engine or as a client of the Telerik Reporting. 

    Learn more about Report Viewer Controls.  

    WinUI Reporting

    With R3 2021, Telerik Reporting introduces a new report viewer for WinUI that will ensure fast and easy embedding of reports that can be previewed directly into a WinUI application. The viewer is built using the Telerik UI for WinUI control suite to take advantage of the improved controls and be compatible with future themes.

    With the native WinUI viewer users will be able to:

    • Navigate the report pages for preview on the screen
    • Exercise the defined interactivities like Navigate to another report or to a bookmark in the same one, drill-down or sort on a column, etc.
    • Print or export the report to all the formats we support, including PDF and Excel
    • Search the report contents to easily find particular data points

    Learn how to embed Reporting into your WinUI applications.

  • Bring Interactive Reports to Your Users

    Add drill-down and drill-through actions to your reports, insert a document map to jump to a report section and add hyperlinks to external web pages. These interactive features are available in all report viewers and designers. The HTML5 report viewer also offers screen-optimized touch capabilities.
  • Filter and Sort Data at Run-Time

    Add report parameters to customize the report data at run-time, filter, sort and group data interactively, connect related reports and sub-reports, modify data presentation, and even change report properties.
  • Export to 15-Plus Formats

    Export Telerik reports to the most common formats for further data analysis and report sharing:
    • Microsoft Excel 97+ (XLS and XLSX)
    • Microsoft Word 2007+
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+
    • Adobe PDF
    • MHTML
    • Comma Separated Values (CSV)
    • Rich Text Format (RTF)
    • All image formats supported by GDI+ (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc.)
  • When you are ready to print or export, switch to Print Preview to view the report exactly as it would appear on paper. This functionality is provided in all report viewers and designers. True Printing through the ASP.NET and HTML5 viewers and Silverlight native printing capabilities are also supported.
  • Report Viewer Themes

    Telerik Reporting ensures nice integration in your application by supporting themes and skinning for all of its report viewers. You can choose to use the predefined themes, or create a new one.
  • Telerik Reporting Services

    The Telerik WCF and REST services enable you to access the reporting engine from the client to fetch a report, update a report with a client-side parameter and export and print documents.

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