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Telerik Reporting


What's Coming in Telerik Reporting?

Our team is happy to announce some of the most exciting features we will introduce in the next 12months! 

We value your feedback, and we encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts, plans and ideas for what next you would like to see developed in Telerik Reporting in our dedicated feedback portal.  


Telerik Reporting

SASS themes support


We will introduce support for Kendo UI SASS themes in the HTML5 Report Viewer as well. We will continue developing our web-based report viewers and report designers with SASS theming in mind.

Report generation progress indication for all report viewers

New feature Customer Feedback
We will create extensibility points in the viewers to callback on the progress of the report generation.

Report generation engine improvements

We will continue improving the efficiency of our mature report generation engine.

Angular & React components based on the Web Report Designer

New feature
Such components will allow easy embedding of the Web Report Designer into Angular and React applications.

Easy table columns reordering in Web Report Designer

New feature
Columns reaordering is the second common operation next to the columns resizing in a Table item. We will implemet that operation with drag-drop action for the Web Report Designer 

Contextual help in Web Report Designer

New feature
We will introduce contextual help hints and links to documentation so that a user can easily learn to use the Web Report Designer

VS Report Designer for .NET Core, NET 5, and NET 6 Projects


We will implement the Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET Core, .NET 5, and .NET 6 projects to enable integrated design-time experience for these MS technologies.

Next-gen Web-based Report Designer

New feature
We will introduce the concept of predefined data layer so that IT/Dev professionals may setup data sources that may be then used for multiple reports from a business user.

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