Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition

Continuously Deliver High-Quality Software—Painlessly

Automated testing LOVED by .NET development teams, with or without coding, within Visual Studio.

We know that releases can be stressful, especially with the market demanding continuous delivery of stable software. Any product flaws can ruin the team’s hard work, and their success depends on their ability to consistently deliver high quality products. Automation plays an essential role, giving you quick feedback on every code change and minimizing the risk of introducing bugs and regressions into new software versions. We can help you to integrate automation into your software development process.

Benefits of Automated Testing

  • Low Risk Releases

    Apply automated testing in your .NET development team to ensure painless software releases at any time with the best quality. Significantly decrease test maintenance time after application changes and enable developers to focus on feature development.

  • Faster Time to Market

    Quickly and easily craft automated tests with or without coding, integrate them in CI/CD pipeline to find defects earlier and ship constantly quality software across web and desktop. Expand your test automation easily at your own pace. Deliver in the best possible way your ideas and software to the market.

  • Higher Quality

    Replace error-prone, repetitive and tedious manual testing tasks through test automation with minimal efforts to maintain sustainable levels of software quality on schedule. Be assured of top quality regardless of the number of software versions.

  • Better Products

    Work in small batches with continuous delivery through automated testing. This ensures ongoing feedback from users throughout the delivery lifecycle and better match to user expectations.

  • Happier Team

    Adopt automated testing to ensure confidence in releases, low risk of failures leading to low stress levels, reduced burnout and boosted productivity. Sustain a team of happy developers who make beautiful, high quality and usable applications.

Automation is Easy

Automation is Easy With Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition

Uncompromised quality comes from a track record of helping millions of developers to create beautiful user experiences for mission-critical applications. We live with your daily challenges, striving to solve them with the best products and solutions.

We designed Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition from a developer’s perspective to provide out-of-the-box functionality to facilitate easier and quicker test automation, especially of Telerik DevCraft-built applications. You can test your .NET apps easily regardless of complexity or interactivity and set stable quality levels across web and desktop seamlessly.

Test Studio Dev Edition continuously provides support for the most relevant technologies a .NET development team would ever need—HTML5, Angular, React, WPF, AJAX, MVC, Core, etc.—and ensures native support for Telerik controls and Kendo UI widgets. Now development and testing blend perfectly in Telerik DevCraft Ultimate to ensure optimized team performance and boosted productivity.

Your teammates won’t need to go outside Visual Studio to record functional tests or write them from scratch. The recorded tests can be converted to clean C# or VB.NET code and integrated immediately into the development process.

We’re proud of our 15+ years of experience in software development and testing products.

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