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Virtual User Packs for Load Testing

Good upfront load testing can save money throughout the application lifecycle and help deploy a mission-critical application with the confidence it will stand up over the expected user load.


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100 virtual users

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1,000 virtual users

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10,000 virtual users

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Licensing and Savings at a Glance


It is important to know all the legal terms and conditions about the products you purchase.

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& Support

Each license is perpetual and comes with 1 year of maintenance and support (M&S).

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Renewals and Upgrades

The M&S renewal price for each additional year is 50% of the list price.

Renewals Upgrades


You can reassign the license at any time when changes to your team happen.

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Team or Long-Term Project Requirements?

The variety of licensing options available with Test Studio are designed to help you build scalable test automation environment that plugs into your CI/CD setup. Leverage our flexible pricing to match the needs of your project, team or enterprise. Our automation specialists will help you assess your test automation needs and get up to speed with your PoC. Navigate through the automation testing techniques and skill up your team with our consultancy, training and support services.

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Consulting, Training, Development

Faced with a project requiring new and unfamiliar technologies? Having a tight deadline you need more bandwidth to deliver on?

The Telerik Professional Services Team can help you with consulting, training, custom app development and more.