Run-Time Add-on

Test Studio Run-Time Add-on can be used in a variety of scenarios, most commonly, to enable remote test execution on servers, without the need for a full license of Test Studio. Check out this short video to learn more about Test Studio Runtime.

How to Use Run-Time Add-on

Run tests remotely - on-demand or scheduled

Test Studio Ultimate and Web & Desktop Editions automatically detect machines with the Run-Time Add-on installed. This allows testers to easily kick-off or schedule test runs on remote systems from within Test Studio.

Increase test coverage by creating a test matrix

See example scenario below.


Speed up test execution with distributed test execution

If running tests in a linear manner is taking too long and impacting overall velocity, simply install Test Studio Run-Time Add-on on a number of servers and distribute your tests for much faster, parallel execution.

Integrate with your continuous integration environment

With Run-Time Edition installed on your build servers, agents, and test controllers, you’ll be able to leverage the included test runner to execute tests as part of your build process and continuous integration environment. For detailed information on configuring your build server, check out our online documentation.

Test Studio CI setup


Create batch operations and more via command line test runner

Run-Time Add-on also includes a powerful command-line test runner complete with parameters that allow you to specify tests, test lists, output / results path, and a number of other custom options. The flexibility of this runner, allows organization to create batch operations custom to their unique needs.

Profile remote servers - for load and performance testing

Install Run-Time Add-on on remote servers to allow Test Studio to monitor server’s performance as your load or performance tests execute. When configured, Test Studio will overlay this profiling information atop your results so you have all the relevant information in a single, easy-to-analyze report.

Scale load tests by adding more Agents

For large scale load tests, you will want to distribute the virtual user generation across multiple Agents to increase throughput. Simply install Run-Time Edition on each server you’ll use as an Agent and Test Studio will distribute the load generation accordingly.

Licensing and additional information

Test Studio Run-Time Add-on is a supplement to Test Studio Ultimate, Web & Desktop, and Load Editions. You should always keep versioning in sync. Run-Time Add-on cannot be used to create or edit tests.

Licensing is managed on a per machine basis. Each VM is considered a machine and should be licensed.

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