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API Testing

You don’t need to know how to code to be an API testing hero.

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Ensure your APIs are healthy. It’s easy.

Progress® Test Studio® for APIs will help you easily verify the integrity and reliability of your APIs. Plug your API testing
effort into your continuous testing and delivery process. API testing enables even non-technical users
to get up to speed with testing APIs.


Codelessly test your APIs

Testing the logic tier of your application doesn’t need to be rocket science. API Testing lets you create verifications against all common API requests with point-and-click ease. Not sure how to get started? Fire up the built-in demo application for useful cues on how to build meaningful verifications.


Verify API calls do what they should

Easily test REST protocol to ensure APIs return the right data. Verify that the format and content of your API calls is what you expected. Use conditions to craft flexible verifications and build smart, non-brittle tests: get the test executed even if a step fails or go back to executing the previous step upon failure.


Build dynamic tests for your API layer

API Testing will help you create smart tests for your APIs: use variables to extract values that can be easily added as a step later in the test. Set variables for dynamic values to test a wider range of conditions and truly simulate real life user scenarios.


Test the performance of API calls

Along with validating your APIs function as expected you can also test if API calls get completed within a certain response time to ensure the API layer meets the business requirements.

Fiddler Integration

Integrate with Fiddler web debugging proxy

Test Studio for APIs Beta 2 adds support for Fiddler. Export your Fiddler recorded traffic into a .saz file and easily upload it to Test Studio. You can now create a Test Studio API test from these Fiddler traffic logs or plug them into an existing API test.


Plug API tests into your Continuous Delivery

Don’t just check the health of your APIs once in a while—hook your API tests to your build system and leverage the built-in API test runner. Get your API test lists scheduled to start running whenever you want. This way you’ll be able to execute API tests as part of your build process and CI environment. Support for Linux and MacOS coming soon.

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API Testing Beta is also available as part of Test Studio, the complete test automation solution for GUI, load, performance and API testing. Want to ensure the overall quality of your web, desktop and mobile apps?

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