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Verify the Integrity
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API testing with Test Studio helps you enhance your end-to-end testing strategy to cover test scenarios that require API calls.

  • Test your RESTful APIs with an automated low-code approach
  • Improve your automated functional UI tests with API calls
  • Use API tests as steps in other web, desktop or responsive tests
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What is API Testing?

API Testing Definition

API testing is a type of functional software testing that verifies and validates the functionality, mechanics, reliability, performance and security of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Successfully testing your APIs implies that:

  • Your web services perform as expected upon submitting an input
  • Your web services perform as expected every time you run an API test
  • Your code passes off the right data resulting in a correct output

API Testing with Test Studio

Regardless of testing seniority or experience, Test Studio helps teams expand their functional testing efforts with easy-to-create and maintain API tests. Testing web services with Test Studio enables you to:

  • Automate API testing across web and desktop without code
  • Verify your web services' integrity and reliability without extra effort
  • Integrate your RESTful API tests into any deployment environment
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API Testing Features

Codeless Testing of RESTful Services
API Test as Step in Functional Tests
Dynamic API Tests
API Tests with Coded Steps
API Testing Integrations
  • Codeless API Testing

    Create verifications against all common API requests with point-and-click ease. Test Studio enables even non-technical users to easily introduce and adopt API testing.

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  • API Tests as Steps

    Run API calls while crafting your functional web or desktop tests to enhance their capabilities. Test Studio allows you to use API calls within functional UI tests through the API Test as Step feature.

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  • Dynamic API Tests

    Use variables to extract values that can be easily added as a step later in the test. Set variables for dynamic values to test a wider range of conditions and simulate real life scenarios.

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  • Coded Steps in API Tests

    Expand your API tests with powerful coded steps to cover more complex API test scenarios. Enhance any API test with custom tailored functions through the Test Studio code editor using C# or VB.NET.

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  • API Testing Integrations

    Make the most out of API testing by integrating your API tests into your software development ecosystem. Verify your APIs as often as you need to, with scheduled remote tests or as part of CI/CD.

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Codeless Testing of RESTful Services

API testing with Test Studio allows you to easily build effective API tests and prove the reliability and integrity of your APIs. With its intuitive user interface and visual test recorder, Test Studio enables even less experienced QAs to create API tests, without writing a single line of code. Build steps into your API tests directly from recorded HTTP traffic.

Test the integrity of your web services by executing HTTP requests and perform a wide range of verifications over the received responses. You can extract the received responses partially or entirely and store them in variables for reuse in further test steps. Control your tests’ flow with steps such as GoTo and Wait. Use conditions to craft flexible verifications and build stable, non-brittle API tests.

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Codeless Testing of RESTful Services

API Test as Step in Functional Tests

Shifting some of the UI interactions into API testing speeds up your test cycles and helps you focus on testing the right things with the right actions. Typical scenarios that can benefit from API calls are:

  • Manage the system's initial state and clean the environment after test execution
  • Simulate concurrent user actions to test how the UI handles conflicts
  • Generate events through the web service and validate API responses

Get easy access to API testing directly from your web, desktop or responsive test projects. Simply create and add a new API test as a step in your test or reuse existing API tests as steps. Greatly reduce test execution time by using the RESTful API instead of the UI layer to perform CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations.

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API Test as Step in Functional Tests

Dynamic API Tests

API testing with Test Studio allows you to create smart tests for your APIs by setting variables for dynamic values on test and project level. The variables are named values that can be stored in the project files or dynamically created during executing the test steps. Variables in API tests can be used to chain requests, generate random values or compare response values, as well as for data-driving and to cover any scenario that requires working with dynamic data.

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Dynamic API Tests

Coded Steps in API Tests

The embedded Test Studio code editor can be used in API testing to add coded steps and enhance them with various conditions whenever the test scenario requires it. Coded steps go beyond the capabilities which the available action and verification steps in Test Studio provide. To take advantage of coded steps, Test Studio allows you to:

  • Add standalone code files that support custom methods and functions or other useful content
  • Utilize third-party libraries in you API tests for greater extensibility and flexibility
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API Tests with Coded Steps

API Testing Integrations

Leverage the built-in API test runner to hook your API tests into your build process. Schedule your API tests to run on multiple remote machines, around the clock, or as part of your CI/CD environment. Take advantage of even greater API test execution flexibility and speed up your entire end-to-end test cycle by running your tests in Docker Containers. Verify API calls in a production-like environment without slow-downs caused by long and breaking tests.

Test Studio also allows you to create API tests from Fiddler Everywhere logs. Export your Fiddler Everywhere recorded traffic and easily upload it in Test Studio. Create a new Test Studio API test from your Fiddler traffic logs or plug them into an existing API test.

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API Testing Integrations
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Test Studio gives you all the testing tools and techniques that you need to prove your application fully meets user expectations or business requirements.

What QAs Say

Telerik Test Studio enables our quality assurance team to quickly identify potential bugs pre-release within the DevOps pipeline. We have been able to scale and accelerate delivery of new features while reducing our manual testing on existing functionality. The features are deep, yet easy to use. The consistent addition of new and improved features helps improve the efficiency of our testing efforts.

Mike Goodwin Director of Technical Support and Quality Assurance, Kiddie Academy®

Headless execution allows us to greatly reduce the overall time needed to complete a test cycle. This method also allows us to integrate Test Studio into our CI pipeline so we can run any portion of the test plan at the time of merge and/or deployment.

Zachary Hansen Chief Technology Officer, Angus Energy

Test Studio is a fantastic platform for anyone who's new to automated testing because it's got a very intuitive UI, but also for somebody who's highly skilled as they can immediately pick up on what Test Studio can do and make very effective use of the tool.

Pete O'Grady QA Manager, RevSpring

The best thing about Test Studio is easy ramp up which enables anybody to start creating tests within a few days. The centralized element repository is very comfortable, bringing down test maintenance costs.

Himanshu Saraowgi QA Engineer, Pegasystems

Test Studio integrated seamlessly into our automated software testing needs. Its ease-of-use is unbelievable. It does all the heavy lifting allowing the developer to focus on more in-depth testing.

Gregory Hargrove Software Developer, Correct Care Solutions

After using the trial for a week we increased our automated testing from 5% to 30%. Test Studio was so easy to incorporate into our existing testing environment! Tests are stable and easy to run and understand.

Mark Judson Software Developer, EBSCO Industries Inc.

Testing Solutions

Modern applications are infinitely complex. With Test Studio you can go deeper in your testing to cover all your bases—test the behavior, responsiveness and performance of your web and WPF applications.

Functional UI Testing

Maximize test coverage and reduce maintenance while continually improving quality. Test Studio automatically adjusts to app changes, eliminating debt and ensuring new levels of test stability.

Load testing

Create complex load scenarios to inform critical decisions. Test Studio's load testing suite enables you to verify that your web app meets business needs for speed, performance, and user satisfaction.

Continuous Testing

Bring UI test automation into your build process, enabling critical feedback earlier in the release cycle. Test Studio integrates with all popular CI/CD tools: Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Jira, Bamboo and more.

Responsive Testing

Test Studio's features for responsive web testing offer an easy way to validate your UI against different form factors without repetitive testing, switching browser modes or devices.

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