Your CI/CD Pipeline Can Now Fit the Entire Team

Quality is a team effort. Everyone is responsible for making sure applications are delivered on time with minimal bugs. Don’t let testing become the bottleneck.


Everyone Has a Seat at the Agile DevOps Table

A test automation solution that is right for your organization should empower everyone on your team—from junior testers to senior developers, product managers and QA leads. Test Studio has the tools for every role and skills set to achieve maximum productivity in a frequently changing software development environment.


For QA Engineers

Enjoy all functional UI testing features in your preferred environment. Designed for QAs and Developers alike, the Test Studio Standalone application provides a standalone IDE and a built-in integration with Visual Studio, all in one. The perfect tool to cover all your essential needs for a sustainable testing environment.

Available as a Test Studio Web and Desktop and Test Studio Ultimate perpetual floating machine license with included first-year support and maintenance.

Test Automation Solutions for QAs

For Developers

Quickly automate any UI test scenario and stabilize quality levels across web and desktop right inside Visual Studio. Test Studio Dev Edition provides out-of-the-box functionality to facilitate easy test automation of complex and highly interactive .NET applications. Through dedicated translators, you can reliably automate applications built with Telerik and Kendo UI components.

Available as a per-developer DevCraft Ultimate license and as a Test Studio Web & Desktop and Test Studio Ultimate floating machine license.

Test Automation Solutions for Developers

For Managers

Gain instant visibility into the health of your application, without going through the hassle of compiling test result data into countless spreadsheets. The web-based Executive Dashboard gives you a clean way of monitoring test list results, drilling into failure details, and building reports to help keep your team focused and productive.

Available only as part of Test Studio Ultimate perpetual floating machine license. You do not need to be a license-user to access the Dashboard.

Test Automation Solutions for Managers

For Unit Testing/Web Debugging

Whether your team needs to test external dependencies or debug web traffic, we've got you covered. Telerik JustMock is an easy-to-use mocking tool that helps you quickly isolate your testing scenarios and focus on the logic you want to verify. Telerik Fiddler Everywhere is a cross-platform web debugging tool that allows you to capture, inspect, and monitor HTTP(S) traffic, mock requests and diagnose network issues.

Telerik mocking and web debugging tools

For Automation Environments

Build an enterprise test automation lab with the multi-capable, cost-effective Test Studio Run-Time. Acting as a remote execution agent, the Run-Time add-on can communicate with most popular build servers, while simultaneously executing test lists remotely, scheduling runs, storing results, and much more.

Available as per-machine perpetual add-on license. One free Run-Time is included in each Test Studio Ultimate license that you purchase.

Test Automation Environments

Not sure which solution best fits your team or long-term project requirements?

One Easy Solution for Your Test Automation Needs

Test Studio Dev Edition ? Requires Microsoft Visual Studio
Per-developer license
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Test Studio Web and Desktop
Floating-machine license
Test Studio Ultimate
Floating-machine license
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Standalone IDE 
Visual Studio Plugin
Executive Dashboard with web-based results and reports 
API Testing/Integration into Web Tests 
Web Testing
WPF Testing
Responsive Testing 
Load Testing 
100 Virtual Users for Load Testing 
Continuous Integration Support
Source Control Integration
Visual Test Recorder
Coded tests, standalone coded files, import of third-party libraries. Use C# and VB for coding.
Centralized Element Repository
Data Binding
Translators for Telerik and Kendo UI Web and WPF Controls
Multi-browser support
Test Lists (a collection of tests)
In-product Test Execution Scheduling 
In-product Remote Test Execution on Multiple Machines 
Basic Results Viewer
Advanced Results Viewer 
Export of test results into HTML format 
Test Results Storage 
Bug Tracking Integration with Jira, Azure DevOps and other 
Priority Support (24h response time via tickets)
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Be Ready for Any Project & Technology

Test Studio seamlessly integrates with Telerik DevCraft—Progress' powerful developer tools collection of .NET and JavaScript UI components for web, desktop and mobile applications, embedded reporting, mocking and web debugging tools.

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Run On-Demand or Scheduled Tests Remotely

Enjoy maximum flexibility and automation coverage with Test Studio Run-Time. The add-on can equip any Windows-based machine, VM or server with Test Studio’s underlying framework to remotely schedule and execute already developed tests without the need to have a separate Test Studio license for every QA on your team.

Build and maintain highly scalable automation environments

Integrate with Your CI/CD Environment

Automate test cases and schedule them to run around the clock. With Run-Time installed on your build servers, agents and test controllers, you’ll be able to leverage the included test runner to execute tests as part of your build process.

Integrate CI/CD environment
Test Studio Ninja

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Testing Solutions

Modern applications are infinitely complex. With Test Studio you can go deeper in your testing to cover all your bases—test the behavior, responsiveness and performance of your web and WPF applications.

Functional UI Testing

Maximize test coverage and reduce maintenance while continually improving quality. Test Studio automatically adjusts to app changes, eliminating debt and ensuring new levels of test stability.

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Load Testing

Create complex load scenarios to inform critical decisions. Test Studio's load testing suite enables you to verify that your web app meets business needs for speed, performance, and user satisfaction.

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RESTful API Testing

Test Studio's API testing helps you verify the integrity and reliability of your APIs. Plug API testing into CI/CD to leverage the continuous testing approach along with agile development.

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Responsive Testing

Test Studio's features for responsive web testing offer an easy way to validate your UI against different form factors without repetitive testing, switching browser modes or devices.

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Telerik Test Studio Training and Consulting

Speed up your team's onboarding with automated testing—make the most of your Test Studio implementation with the help of our live instructor-led training or tailored consulting.

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What QA's Say

Telerik Test Studio enables our quality assurance team to quickly identify potential bugs pre-release within the DevOps pipeline. We have been able to scale and accelerate delivery of new features while reducing our manual testing on existing functionality. The features are deep, yet easy to use. The consistent addition of new and improved features helps improve the efficiency of our testing efforts.

Mike Goodwin Director of Technical Support and Quality Assurance, Kiddie Academy®

Headless execution allows us to greatly reduce the overall time needed to complete a test cycle. This method also allows us to integrate Test Studio into our CI pipeline so we can run any portion of the test plan at the time of merge and/or deployment.

Zachary Hansen Chief Technology Officer, Angus Energy

Test Studio is a fantastic platform for anyone who's new to automated testing because it's got a very intuitive UI, but also for somebody who's highly skilled as they can immediately pick up on what Test Studio can do and make very effective use of the tool.

Pete O'Grady QA Manager, RevSpring

The best thing about Test Studio is easy ramp up which enables anybody to start creating tests within a few days. The centralized element repository is very comfortable, bringing down test maintenance costs.

Himanshu Saraowgi QA Engineer, Pegasystems

Test Studio integrated seamlessly into our automated software testing needs. Its ease-of-use is unbelievable. It does all the heavy lifting allowing the developer to focus on more in-depth testing.

Gregory Hargrove Software Developer, Correct Care Solutions

After using the trial for a week we increased our automated testing from 5% to 30%. Test Studio was so easy to incorporate into our existing testing environment! Tests are stable and easy to run and understand.

Mark Judson Software Developer, EBSCO Industries Inc.