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What's Coming in 2021?

R1 2021 (Released)

Headless Browser Execution

Execute your nightly test list runs on a headless Chrome for more speed and stability.

PDF Validation

Verify any PDF file's content as a simple step in your tests.

New Storyboard

The Storyboard mode of Test Studio's tests gives perfect visibility over the test flow with high-quality screenshots of each step, ability to zoom in and drill down into test as steps.

Check the full release notes here.

R2 2021

Smart Test Maintenance

Test maintenance is sometimes even more important and time-consuming than the actual test creation. With a brand new user interface Test Studio provides not just few new features but a seamless workflow, a process for fixing non-bug test failures. With the innovative all-in-one experience, clever auto-heal features and reliable custom tailored suggestions you are covered in all situations.

.NET Core/ .NET 5.0 WPF applications support

Craft and run superb automated tests for your modern WPF apps.

Licensing Server

With the licensing server, Test Studio can lease a license from a persistent server installed on premise. The server manages the license itself, and leases on that license can be acquired and released by the Test Studio Licensing Server upon start/close.
This improves license management experience, traceability and utilizing the floating licenses.

Lift Admin Rights Requirement

Test Studio will not restrict users with non-administrator rights of using it anymore. There will be proper warnings and configuration guides to mitigate product malfunctions.

R3 2021

Test and Visual Element Analyzer

Intelligent tool to monitor your tests and recorded elements for any inconsistencies with the latest test automation best practices.

Application Under Test Analyzer

Useful sidekick which provides custom project configuration, guidance and best practice, all based on the user's unique application under test.

Improved Test Maintenance Suggestions/Self-Healing

Automatic maintenance during test execution for more stable automation.





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