Does Your Web App Meet the Demands of Mobile Users?

Test Studio offers you the easiest way to test responsive web UI without repetitive tasks, browser or device switching.

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Why Test Your Responsive Web UI?

The demand for exceptional digital experiences has made it impossible for organizations to keep up with the growing expectations of mobile users. Performance metrics such as visitor retention, search ranking, and time on site depend on how optimized your website is for mobile. Making sure it can be accessed on any device is critical and yet—only the first step. Delivering seamless, uninterrupted UX and functional UI under different form factors is what defines the success of your product in today’s digital reality.


What Is Automated Website Responsive Testing?

Responsive testing is a form of functional UI testing that checks if a responsive website or a web-based application behaves as expected under different form factors. Responsive testing helps you verify that the web UI scales well, the dynamic elements are loaded correctly, or the images are displayed right, when your app is accessed on different devices.

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Challenges of Testing
Responsive Design

Responsive web design presents testing challenges beyond a device’s characteristics. Making sure a website scales correctly when the screen size or resolution changes is just the first step. The real challenge lies in testing layout and behavior under different form factors. New features or even small changes to the UI automatically add up to the complexity and increase the number of scenarios that need testing.

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Meet Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio is an enterprise UI test automation platform that over the last 10 years has helped large and small teams achieve high quality agile releases while solving the biggest challenges of testing. To help you address the needs of your mobile users, Test Studio now offers comprehensive features to enable automated website responsive testing.


Easily verify the functional UI of your responsive web app

Automated Website Responsive Testing at Scale

Ensuring the app under test meets the needs of your users is nearly impossible when relying on manual testing. Test Studio allows you to cover significantly more responsive design scenarios in less time. Record and execute tests in Chrome and Edge with the powerful visual test recorder while emulating different devices. With Test Studio you get a complete toolset for ensuring quality across desktop and mobile browsers, with reusability of elements across test types within a project.

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Automated Website Responsive Testing
in Four Easy Steps

Start by Selecting the Responsive Test Type

Choose the form factor under which you want your website to operate and run the test recorder with Chrome or the Chromium-based Edge.

Simulate Different Screen Sizes

To simulate different mobile devices, simply choose from several predefined options or add the custom screen sizes that you need for your test scenarios.

Record and Execute Responsive Tests

Choose between Chrome and Edge for recording and execution. The recorder and execution engine activate Device Mode to run browser responsive tests.

Add Responsive Tests to Test Lists

Choose a device from the test list settings and run it locally, remotely with Test Studio Run-Time or as part of your continuous integration and delivery process.

A Surprisingly Simple Workflow

  • No learning curve. Use the test automation techniques you already know.
  • No complicated configuration or coding. Create your first browser responsive test in no time.
  • No repetitive testing. Automate responsive tests without switching browser modes or devices.
  • No duplication and redundant maintenance. Reuse elements across web and responsive web tests.

Telerik Test Studio Training and Consulting

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What QA's Say

Telerik Test Studio enables our quality assurance team to quickly identify potential bugs pre-release within the DevOps pipeline. We have been able to scale and accelerate delivery of new features while reducing our manual testing on existing functionality. The features are deep, yet easy to use. The consistent addition of new and improved features helps improve the efficiency of our testing efforts.

Mike Goodwin Director of Technical Support and Quality Assurance, Kiddie Academy®

Headless execution allows us to greatly reduce the overall time needed to complete a test cycle. This method also allows us to integrate Test Studio into our CI pipeline so we can run any portion of the test plan at the time of merge and/or deployment.

Zachary Hansen Chief Technology Officer, Angus Energy

Test Studio is a fantastic platform for anyone who's new to automated testing because it's got a very intuitive UI, but also for somebody who's highly skilled as they can immediately pick up on what Test Studio can do and make very effective use of the tool.

Pete O'Grady QA Manager, RevSpring

Test Studio ließ sich nahtlos in unsere automatisierten Testkonzepte einbinden. Es ist unglaublich, wie komfortabel man damit arbeiten kann. Test Studio nimmt dem Entwickler den Großteil der Arbeit ab, so dass er sich stärker auf die tiefer gehenden Testaufgaben konzentrieren kann.


The best thing about Test Studio is easy ramp up which enables anybody to start creating tests within a few days. The centralized element repository is very comfortable, bringing down test maintenance costs.

Himanshu Saraowgi QA Engineer, Pegasystems

After using the trial for a week we increased our automated testing from 5% to 30%. Test Studio was so easy to incorporate into our existing testing environment! Tests are stable and easy to run and understand.

Mark Judson Software Developer, EBSCO Industries Inc.