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Progress Design System Kit

Everything Development and Design Teams Need to Customize UI

Resources for developers and designers to make custom style implementation easier than ever.

The Progress Design System Kit

The Design System Kit makes the design implementation and UI customization process as smooth as possible by reducing tedious CSS, guesswork, and back and forth between engineering and design. It does this by giving you the resources you need to implement your own design system using the Progress Design System as a foundation.

Industry Leading UI Component Libraries

Our hundreds of UI components cover all popular web technologies and are ready-to use. They are highly customizable and seamlessly integrated into your customized design system.

Professionally Designed Themes

The Progress Design System includes four professionally designed themes that ensure a modern, consistent, and accessible UI across all components. These include Progress Default, Fluent, Material, and Bootstrap. Use them as they are right out of the box or customize them to fit your specific requirements. 

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Comprehensive Design System Documentation

Developers or designers can use our detailed design and front-end documentation on how to make the necessary customizations to Telerik and Kendo UI themes and make your apps comply with design guidelines and requirements.


Developers or designers can use the ThemeBuilder to style their components globally or granularly while avoiding tedious CSS. Once customizations are complete, ThemeBuilder will give you a theme you can apply to any project that uses our component libraries.

Figma UI Kits

Designers using Figma leverage our design kits to mock up design changes directly to representations of our components. These are free and will help streamline the communication between you and your design team.

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