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Introducing .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI)

.NET MAUI is a next generation framework designed to provide a single project developer experience by empowering .NET developers with a unified stack that supports all modern platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The native features of each platform and their controls are readily available via a simple, cross-platform API that delivers no-compromise user experiences while enabling developers to share even more code than ever before!

Telerik UI for MAUI Early Preview

Telerik UI for MAUI is an early experiment for the UI component suite. Its purpose is to make the development of modern and feature-rich cross-platform applications faster and easier. The early preview version of Telerik UI for MAUI features the following UI controls and support:

  • Charts
  • Button
  • ItemsControl
  • Border
  • SegmentedControl
  • CheckBox
  • Gauge
  • Barcode
  • Popup
  • Path
  • WinUI Support




The Telerik UI for MAUI Charts features a wide range of chart, graph types and series that enable you to visualize data according to the native platform standards of Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. You can benefit from a large collection of chart and graph types, unmatched performance regarding loading time, drawing capabilities, and real-time updates.

The experimental version of the Chart control for .NET Multi-platform App UI includes powerful features, including:

  • Powerful UI Virtualization
  • Support for Cartesian Axes and Series
  • Support for Pie Chart, Donut Chart, Financial Chart Series
  • Legend Support
  • Data Selection
  • Graph Annotations
  • Localization and Globalization

For more information on the Telerik UI for Multi-platform App UI Chart Control visit our product documentation.


Telerik UI for MAUI Button is a simple and fully customizable control for your .NET MAUI experimental application! The UI customization is made possible through a built-in theming support that helps you achieve a consistent look and feel of your .NET MAUI application. Additionally, you have endless customization capabilities which include adding rotation, shapes, transparency, text, and backgrounds and images.

The Telerik Button control for .NET Multi-platform App UI includes the following features:

  • Content Alignment Options
  • Defining Border thickness
  • Creating a circle button

For more information on the Telerik UI for MAUI Button Control visit our product documentation.



With Telerik UI for MAUI Border Control you have full control over the borders that wrap around the various elements of your .NET MAUI application, which enables you to easily customize the look and feel of the various UI elements of your cross-platform application.

The Telerik Border control for .NET MAUI allows you to easily customize the color and thickness of the borders as well as adjust the border corners in rectangular, round and/or oval shapes around the various UI elements of your .NET MAUI application.

For more information on the Telerik UI for MAUI Border Control visit our product documentation.


An ItemsControl is a UI control containing multiple items, such as strings, objects, or other elements. The Telerik ItemsControl for .NET MAUI is designed to enable easier visualization of items and provides you with full control over the presentation of each item.

With the ItemsControl for .NET MAUI you can easily define a collection of items that will populate the control with data. In addition, the custom template functionality will provide you with even greater flexibility in defining how the data is visualized.

For more information on the Telerik UI for MAUI ItemsControl visit product documentation.



The Telerik SegmentedControl for MAUI is a set of linear segments with the capabilities of a button and is designed to enable users to select between multiple different contexts. Similar to a Button control, each linear segment can contain either text or images.

The SegmentedControl will provide you with the following capabilities for your .NET MAUI application development:

  • Single selection flexibility: easily introduce custom code or logic for a selected item;
  • Support for images and text: each segment can be displayed with either image or text, giving you an ultimate UX flexibility;
  • Customizations: the flexible API allows you to fully customize the background and text of the segment items in both normal and selected states. 

For more information on the Telerik UI for MAUI SegmentedControl visit our product documentation.


The Telerik UI for MAUI CheckBox control enables you to easily add checkboxes right into your .NET MAUI cross-platform application and allow your end-users to select one or more options from a list of predefined choices.

The preview version of the Telerik CheckBox control for .NET MAUI includes the following features:

  • Classic & Nested States: support for the classic checked and unchecked states as well as an intermediate state which is often used when you want to add nested checkboxes in your application;
  • Flexible customizations: easily customize the stroke, width, color, and size of your checkboxes;
  • Theming support: the CheckBox for .NET MAUI comes with built-in theming support that allows you to easily create a sleek and consistent look and feel of your multi-platform app.

For more information on the Telerik UI for MAUI CheckBox Control visit our product documentation.

Telerik UI for MAUI Gauge


The Telerik UI for MAUI Gauges widget is an indispensable control for data visualization. The control offers a wide range of highly customizable, animated, and UX-refined gauges, all configurable to display your data in the predefined layout. With the Telerik Gauges to MAUI you can easily illustrate the magnitude of a value in a given range, which is applicable for scenarios when indicating speed, distance, temperature, the progress of a given process, or other measurements. The control comes with the following key features:

  • Multiple display layouts: the Telerik Gauge control for MAUI includes radial, horizontal and vertical gauges for visualizing your data.
  • Indicators: the MAUI Gauge control comes with fully customizable built-in indicators.
  • Ranges: the control comes with a collection of ranges that allows you to easily mark the various parts of your gauge.
  • Animations: ready-to-use animations enabling you to achieve transition effects that will feel native on each platform.

Visit our documentation for more information on the Telerik UI for MAUI Gauge Control.


The Barcode control for MAUI is a lightweight control designed to generate and display data in a machine-readable format, using industry-standard 1D and 2D barcodes. The generated barcodes are optimized for both printing and on-screen scanning. The Telerik Barcode for MAUI comes with the following features:

  • Support for one and two-dimensional barcodes: the Telerik Barcode for MAUI supports 1D & 2D barcodes, including the widely used QR code and the recently introduced SwissQR.
  • Multiple sizing modes: the MAUI Barcode comes in three sizing modes – manual, snap and stretch.
  • Flexible styling capabilities: easily customize the visual appearance of the MAUI Barcode with the various styling capabilities of the control.

Check out the Telerik UI for MAUI documentation for more information on getting started with the Barcode control.

Telerik UI for MAUI Barcode
Telerik UI for MAUI Popup


Draw the attention of your users to important information or prompt them for their input by adding modal popups right into your MAUI application! The Telerik UI for MAUI Popup control provides you with a flexible API that enables you to implement complex logic for a wide range of application scenarios. The Popup control for MAUI comes with various features, including:

  • Modal popups: looking for the close button of a popup? No need, modal popups automatically close when the user clicks outside of the UI element.
  • Placement configuration: the flexible placement configuration of the Telerik MAUI Popup control allows you to place the UI element anywhere within your MAUI app interface.
  • Animation support: the MAUI Popup control comes with customizable animation support that is played while the control is displayed or hidden.

Want to learn more about using the Telerik UI for MAUI Popup control? Check our product documentation.


The Telerik Path control for MAUI allows you to draw complex shapes that are composed of different geometrics like arcs, ellipses, lines and rectangles rendered with the help of SkiaSharp graphics library. The styling capabilities of the Path control for MAUI allow for flexible customization of properties such as the thickness of the stroke or the background color. In addition to the built-in geometrics, the multipath object feature allows you to draw more complex shapes by including multiple geometrics into a single element.

For more information on using the Telerik UI for MAUI Path control, visit our product documentation hub.

Telerik UI for MAUI Path

Experiment With Us

Delivering stellar products can only happen with your help. We invite you to become a collaborator - share your feedback and help us shape the future of Telerik UI for MAUI. Suggest or recommend anything you’re missing through our feedback portal and we’ll use your input to add amazing new components and APIs to the roadmap.

During the experimental phase, Telerik UI for MAUI will be a free trial, and we hope you will continue sharing your use cases, experience and roadblocks with us.

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