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  • Best in class .NET MAUI Data Grid component featuring stunning performance, UI virtualization, load on demand, filtering, sorting, grouping, styling API and much more.
  • Part of Telerik UI for .NET MAUI together with other best-in-class components for cross-platform application development.
  • Comes with demos, rich documentation, and industry-leading support.

Supported for

DataGrid conrol for .NET MAUI
Nasa, Visa, Microsoft Fox, Samsung, IBM World Bank Group, Volvo
  • Overview

    The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI DataGrid is a powerful control that allows you to easily visualize and edit tabular represented data in your .NET MAUI applications. The control can be populated from various data sources and includes out-of-the-box support for operations like sorting, filtering and grouping and editing and more. Currently, the control is available for iOS and Android only, with support for Windows desktop and macOS on the way.

    See the .NET MAUI DataGrid documentation

  • High Performance & UI Virtualization

    Provide your end users with flawless performance thanks to the powerful grid control data layer. The built-in UI Virtualization makes sure that cell and row elements are created only when needed and only for the currently visible cell and row elements, hence reducing memory footprint and boosting performance to new heights.

  • Load on Demand

    Loading a large data set on a mobile device has its challenges. One of the most popular approaches is using incremental data loading as additional items need to be visualized, on demand by the user. Telerik UI for .NET MAUI DataGrid offers automatic data loading once you’ve scrolled to the last available record, or by displaying a customizable button which will initiate loading more data items.

    See the .NET MAUI DataGrid documentation: Load On-Demand

  • Editing

    Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Grid read/write capability allows developers to quickly enable app users to edit data presented in the grid. Depending on the column data type, a relevant editor allows end users to edit content with the appropriate editor type. For instance, if one of the columns is a date, a date-picker will be used to offer the user a change in date field.

  • Filtering, Grouping and Sorting

    Easily perform SORT, FILTER or GROUP operations on your data via the intuitive user interface or with the convenient API of the DataGrid. The highly optimized data layer of the control handles these operations instantly. No matter what your goal is for displaying the data in the grid, or the app user’s preferred data view, it can be done with the various out-of-the-box options for sorting, filtering with different types of filter descriptors, expressions and filter editors for the diverse data types, or grouping the data on single or multiple levels with hierarchical view.

    See the .NET MAUI DataGrid documentation: Filtering, Grouping and Sorting

  • Rows Alternation

    The DataGrid control for .NET MAUI supports alternating row colors so your app users can easily distinguish one row from another.

  • Single and Multiple Selection

    DataGrid features single or multiple item selection, as well as controlling the selection—Unit – Cell or Row—thus enabling any selection scenario you want your .NET MAUI app users to have.

    See the .NET MAUI DataGrid documentation: Selection

  • Style and Appearance

    The Telerik DataGrid control for .NET MAUI features a built-in styling mechanism for customizing the look of the control and its items.

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