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  • With support for paging, sorting, filtering, flexible data binding to any application data source and many more features the Telerik GridView for WinForms can fit any line-of-business scenario. 
  • Part of the Telerik UI for WinForms suite with 140+ high DPI support controls designed to make development of complex, high-performance applications for desktop and tablets easy.  
  • The WinForms UI suite comes with flexible architecture allowing endless customizations, testing solutions, document processing libraries, extensive product documentation and demos as well as industry-leading support. 

  • Overview

    RadGridView delivers the features and flexibility to match the ultimate demands of today’s applications, and excels in providing modern UI and unbeatable end-user capabilities. Regardless of your requirements, be it simple data presentation or performance-demanding data refresh, data entry or data analysis, codeless development or hardcore coding, Telerik GridView is the one to opt for.
    UI for WinForms GridView Overview
  • Flawless Data Management

    Enjoy flawless data binding to whatever data-source your app is using without writing a line of code. Exploit all data operations while you bind any custom business object, XML or web service directly to the Grid. 

    RadGridView also supports out-of-the-box binding to sub-objects, nullable properties and properties of sub-objects.
  • Hierarchy

    Take a deep dive into your database utilizing an N-tier hierarchical structure, regardless of the grid mode (bound, unbound or virtual). Each view comes with all editing features you need like sorting, filtering, aggregation etc.

    RadGridView can present multiple child views or a tree like (self-referencing) hierarchy. The provider-based hierarchy model enables using load-on-demand and object-relational hierarchies.

    It also supports Object-relational, Load-on-Demand and Self-Reference hierarchy, as well as binding to one-to-many relations scenarios and to xml data.

  • Sorting, Filtering, Grouping

    Easily perform SORT, FILTER or GROUP operations on your data via the intuitive interface of the Grid. No matter what your custom goal is – create a multi-column sorting or filtering expression, you’re just a moment away.

    The highly optimized data layer of RadGridView uses an AVL tree, which enables fast grouping, sorting and filtering operations when using complex hierarchy scenarios.
  • Customizable Views & Layouts

    Empower your end users with features allowing for endless views customizations, all of which can be controlled programmatically. Achieve the view you want by drag and drop, reordering, resizing, addition or deletion of rows and columns.

    In addition, RadGridView enables you to create custom views. It comes with two predefined views: column grouping for unlimited nesting of columns and column groups, and html view for cell and row merge within the record, just like an html table.

    Custom Views and Layouts WinForms GridView
  • UI Virtualization

    The highly optimized data layer of RadGridView uses am AVL tree, which enables fast grouping, sorting and filtering operations when using complex hierarchy scenarios.

    In addition, the user interface uses virtualization for its row and cell elements, meaning visual elements are created only when needed and only for the currently visible cells.

    Furthermore, the UI virtualization engine, not only creates cells only when needed, but it also reuses already created cells during operations such as scrolling, filtering and others, to boost performance even further.
  • Summary Rows

    Summary rows are RadGridView rows, which enable you to display information about the data in the control, such as Sum, Count, Min, Max, Average and so on. The summary rows are top and bottom pinned rows. They can be used in a flat RadGridView or in groups and hierarchical views.
  • Pinned (Frozen) Columns and Rows

    RadGridView enables you to keep a part of your data always visible while putting the rest of the data in context. To freeze columns, simply choose the Pin to Left or Pin to Right option from the context menu. RadGridView API allows for programmatically freezing columns or rows.
  • Wide Variety of Predefined Columns

    RadGridView has 14 built-in types of columns for different data types and user scenarios, each with its specific editor– browse editor, date time editor, text box editor and so on. In addition, it features calculated (expression) column, which calculates its values based on data in other columns.
    UI for WinForms GridView Column Types
  • Selection and Clipboard Operations

    Single or multiple, cells or rows selection–anything you need, we have you covered. All of this is complimented with highly customizable cut/copy/paste operations.
    UI for WinForms GridView Selection
  • Save/Load layout

    Save/Load layout functionality gives your applications the opportunity to preserve user grid settings such as column order, sizes customization, applied filters, conditional formatting and other configurable settings, and restore them later.
  • Fine-Grained Customizations

    Visual elements and menus in the control are accessible and highly customizable. You can change colors, fonts or directions, add/remove/replace menu items in context menus, set error text for non-validated cells and rows, and much more, to satisfy any UI requirement. In addition, the control features API for painting straight into the cells, should you need something more advanced.
    UI for WinForms GridView Customization
  • ContextMenus and Tooltips

    RadGridView has built-in context menus exposing convenient contextual commands, depending the on the clicked element–cell, header cell, row and so on. All context menus are fully customizable, so you can add new commands or remove existing ones.

    In addition, the control features easy-to-use tooltips functionality, which enables you to define tooltips for different types of cells and provide additional information to your end users.

    UI for WinForms GridView Context Menu
  • Conditional Formatting

    Enable your users to quickly extract the value of the displayed data with a native conditional formatting feature. It can be applied programmatically and/or at run-time with the help of an intuitive Excel-like dialog.
    Conditional formatting Winforms Gridview
  • Paging

    The paging support of RadGridView allows your end-users to easily check data page by page, without scrolling up and down in a grid containing thousands of records. You can choose to first page your data and then group it, or first group the data and then page the groups.

    Paging for RadGrid
  • Insert, Edit, Validate Data

    Whenever you need cell editing or data entry functionality, our Grid has the solution. Depending on the column data type, a relevant editor allows end-users to edit and insert content in a friendly environment.
    Insert edit validate data - WinForms Gridview
  • RadGridView is enhanced with smart text search functionality. Upon writing in the built-in search text field, the end user will get immediate visual feedback from RadGridView if the visible cells on the screen match the search criteria. Furthermore, upon clicking the search button or hitting the Enter key, the end user will be navigated to the cells of interest. The search process is asynchronous ensuring smooth application experience.

  • Export Data to PDF, XLXS, XLS, CSV and HTML

    Allow your users to export the content of the Grid to any file format they need to - PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML or plain text. This feature will also export any customizations, images and/or conditional formatting you apply to your data.
    WinForms GridView Export to Excel
  • Powerful Printing Support with Watermarks

    Native printing support enables end-users to directly pass their grids’ content to a printer. The Grid comes with friendly user dialogs allowing for adjusting printing settings, adding a watermark or taking a look at the print preview.
    Printing Support for Telerik RadGridView with Watermark - WinForms GridView
  • TimeSpanPicker Support

    You can add the TimeSpanPicker control into a new column in the grid, enabling the user to pick a time span and duration straight from the grid.

  • Extensive VS.NET Design-time Support

    Telerik RadGridView provides rich design time support functionality making customizations and configurations very easy. Some of the key capabilities are:

    • Property Builder dialog for easy setting up of columns;
    • Design-time support for declarative data sources;
    • Applying themes in design time and easily switching between them - the Choose Theme command in the Smart tag automatically detects the present themes;
  • Right-to-Left and Localization Support

    GridView provides full localization support and right-to-left support. See Localization and Right-to-Left Support for the full list of Telerik Windows Forms controls supporting RTL and localization.

  • Appearance

    The control is shipped with a rich set of themes that allow you to easily build slick interfaces with the look-and-feel of some of the latest Windows and Office versions. The themes can be easily switched using a single property.

    Our framework also features support for custom themes, which can be built from scratch to fit your exact visual demands by using the Visual Style Builder productivity tool.

    UI for WinForms GridView Appearance

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