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  • Easily Pick a Specific Time With a Couple of Clicks

    The TimeSpanPicker in Telerik UI for WinForms is an editor control enabling your end users to easily pick a specific time span and duration in their WinForms application.

    WinForms TimeSpanPicker Control overview
  • Flexibility

    The control allows fine degree of customization ranging from defining the steps for days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds, setting minimum and maximum range, defining the format of the date displayed, making the control read only or having it display spin buttons for easier manipulation.

  • Variety of EditModes

    Three edit modes are provided out of the box:

    • Mask – where just the editable area is provided to the user to work with
    • Popup – where the editable area is read-only and the user can select the desired span from the popup
    • Combined – both of the above
  • Null Value Support

    The Control has built in functionality to display placeholder text when its Value is set to null.

  • Globalization and Right-to-Left

    Full globalization support is provided out-of-the-box for all of the editors in Telerik UI for WinForms through the Culture property. Bi-Directional reading order is also supported with the RightToLeft property.

  • Localization

    The TimeSpanPicker support full localization of its strings, so they can be translated to a language of your choice.

  • Appearance

    The controls are shipped with a rich set of pixel-perfect themes that allow you to easily build slick interfaces with the look-and-feel of Windows 8, Office 2010, Office 2013, Metro, etc. The themes can be easily switched using a single property. You can tweak existing themes or build a new theme from scratch to fit your exact visual demands by using the Visual Style Builder productivity tool. A well-thought light element tree allows for easy and intuitive styling.

    The DropDownList and ListControl are also capable of displaying images, text, multiline text, and rich text by using standard HTML tags, such as <i>, <b>, and <u>.

    Telerik DropDownList supports a variety of expand animation styles for a great user experience. You can select among predefined drop down animations and further customize them to fit your scenario.

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