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  • Create and modify various document formats like DOCX, RTF, HTML, TXT, convert from one format to another, and export to PDF with the powerful Telerik UI for WinForms WordsProcessing Library.  
  • Part of the Telerik UI for WinForms library along with 160+ professionally-designed UI controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, Visual Studio Extensions and more!
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  • Feature-rich WordsProcessing Library

    RadWordsProcessing is a powerful .NET library that is part of your Telerik UI for Winforms product. With it, you can build and change flow documents such as docx, RTF, HTML and plain text, as well as export to PDF. We are confident that you will find this the easiest way to generate a document or a PDF in your web, mobile or desktop app or on a server and convert it from one format to another like Word to PDF, Word to HTML and more.

    Overview of WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • No External Dependencies

    The document model is fully independent from third-party libraries or UI. Users are able to process Microsoft Word supported documents even without having Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office or any other external library installed on the client or server.

    No External Dependancies with WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Fast Performance

    WordsProcessing for WinForms is designed to offer outstanding performance with zero limitations on the amount of data processed. You can swiftly create files containing large amounts of data without sacrificing performance or consuming too much memory.

    Fast Performance with Telerik WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Converting Documents

    Not only does RadWordsProcessing allow smooth export, import, creation and modification of different file formats, but it also allows you to easily convert files from one format to another. RadWordsProcessing for Winforms is essentially a library for creating Word docs, PDFs, docx, and a vehicle to meet all your document conversion needs: convert Word to PDF, convert HTML to Word or PDF and convert Word to HTML. No matter the document type you require, WordsProcessing gives you the flexibility to create it – fast!

    Converting Documents Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Permission Ranges

    At times, documents require specific user permissions for certain parts of the document. To make that task easier, the permission ranges feature of WordsProcessing for WinForms lets you mark certain portions of the document as read only, or to disallow comments. Additionally, you can specify different permissions that apply to different roles—such as administrators, contributors, editors, owners, etc. Ensure the integrity and security of your content by granting specific permissions to specific individuals.

    Documentation on the Permission Ranges support in RadWordsProcessing

    Permission Ranges Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Tables

    Tables are a common element used when creating documents. The WinForms WordsProcessing library gives you complete control over the table properties such as Rows, Columns, Styles, Layout Type and more. Choose the table type to communicate your data most effectively in the style you prefer.

    Documentation on the Tables support in RadWordsProcessing

    Telerik UI for WinForms WordsProcessing - Tables
  • Add Table of Contents

    This feature allows end users to add a Table of Contents to their documents. Additionally, WordsProcessing enables you to insert a table of contents in your RadFlowDocument document using heading styles, other specified styles, outline levels, captions or entries specified by TC (Table of Contents Entry) fields. The Table of Contents can be updated once there are changes made to the document in order to keep it accurate.

    Document Processing Libraries Add Table of Contents
  • Headers and Footers

    WordsProcessing for WinForms supports inserting headers and footers in the generated documents. In addition, you can custom tailor the content in the headers and footers, as well as add watermarks, page number or date fields, and define the placement of headers and footers on all pages or different entries for even and odd pages.

    Documentation on the Header and Footer support in RadWordsProcessing

    Headers and Footers Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Watermarks

    With RadWordsProcessing for WinForms you can add text or images like a company logo behind the document content with the watermarks functionality to identify the document status or mark it as confidential.

    Documentation on the Watermark support in RadWordsProcessing

    Telerik UI for WinForms WordsProcessing - Watermark
  • Bulleted and Numbered Lists

    You can create bulleted, numbered list as well as custom lists with the desired hierarchical depth with the powerful APIs of RadWordsProcessing for WinForms, ensuring what you are trying to convey in your lists is effectively communicated.

    Documentation on the Bulleted and Numbered Lists support in RadWordsProcessing

    Telerik UI for WinForms WordsProcessing - Buleted and Numbering Lists
  • Comments

    Add comments to a specific place in the document to identify an action item that needs to be taken. This feature speeds editing cycles while clearly instructing what each stakeholder in the document needs to do to bring it to a finished state.

    Documentation on the Comments support in RadWordsProcessing

    Telerik UI for WinForms WordsProcessing - Comments
  • Styles

    Achieve a consistent look throughout the document by flowing feature styles which contain sets of characters, paragraphs or table style definitions and deliver powerful editing capabilities. With minimal effort you will always produce the most professional documents.

    Documentation on the various Style capabilities of RadWordsProcessing

    Styles Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Document Themes

    With the WinForms WordsProcessing library document themes you can choose colors, fonts and a variety of graphic effects in a document to enhance the look and feel of the entire document. Deliver the graphical user experience of your choice to best convey your messages.

    Documentation on the Document Themes support in RadWordsProcessing

    Document Themes Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Mail Merge

    The mail merge functionality of WordsProcessing for WinForms lets you generate personalized documents with a fixed content template. Simply use the merge fields in combination with a data source of your choice to identify the content that has to be replaced during the merge process—name, address, order number or any other personal information. By personalizing campaigns, you’ll see a better return on your time and effort.

    Documentation on the Mail Merge functionality of RadWordsProcessing

    Telerik UI for WinForms WordsProcessing - Mail Merge
  • Clone and Merge Documents

    WordsProcessing for WinForms makes it easy to clone a single document or merge multiple DOCX, RTF and HTML documents by specifying which styles should be used during the merge process. It also makes it easy to merge specific document elements like runs and paragraphs from a source document into a target document. Incorporating content from multiple sources into a single document has never been easier.

    Documentation on how to Clone and Merge documents with RadWordsPocessing

    Clone and Merge Documents Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Find and Replace

    To rapidly complete find and replace tasks, the WinForms WordsProcessing library features a handy API that allows you to easily change the document content. This feature saves a lot of time and energy to the repetitive task of find and replacing, especially in longer documents.

    Documentation on the Find and Replace capabilities of RadWordsProcessing

    Find and Replace Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Rich Document Model

    The document model of WordsProcessing for WinForms features all the necessary document elements and features, allowing you to build both simple and sophisticated documents. You’ll have the ability to readily insert the elements of your choice to any document. Some of the capabilities included are:






    Section formatting

    Inlines—runs, images, fields, breaks, bookmarks, hyperlinks, tab stops

    Styles and many more

    Documentation on the Rich Document Model of RadWordsProcessing

    Rich Document Model Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • Inline and Floating Images

    The Telerik WinForms WordsProcessing library supports both inline and floating images of the most popular imaging formats. It also provides support for working with the respective image properties such as Source, Size, Flip, Rotation, AspectRatio and more. Feel free to choose the image format of your choice knowing you can readily embed it in your document.

    Documentation on Inline and Floating images in RadWordsProcessing

    Inline and Floating Images Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library
  • WordsProcessing for WinForms provides support for bookmarks and hyperlinks that assist users in their document navigation, pointing to a specific location in the document or to a webpage. Make navigation as easy as possible for readers of your documents, enhancing the overall user experience.

    Documentation on the bookmarks support in RadWordsProcessing

    Telerik UI for WinForms WordsProcessing - Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  • Content Controls

    Content controls or Structured Document Tags (SDT) enable users to add specific components to the document that can help the user enter input in more convenient manner as well as to restrict the user input to predefined format. The supported components are CheckBox, ComboBox, Date, DropDownList, Image, Citation, Bibliography, and many more.

    Documentation on the Content Controls support in RadWordsProcessing.

    Content Controls Support in WinForms WordsProcessing Library

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