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WinForms ColorDialog

  • Select the Right Colors

    Telerik RadColorDialog is a lightweight UI component that allows users to select colors from the RGB or HSL color spaces. The dialog is highly configurable and offers great flexibility in selecting colors from web, system, and professional palettes, together with the ability to fine-tune and pick colors directly from the screen.
    UI for WinForms ColorDialog Right Colors
  • Basic Palette

    The Basic Palette lets you choose a predefined color from a honeycomb interface where you click a colored cell to choose the color.
    UI for WinForms ColorDialog Basic Palette
  • System Palette

    The System Palette lets you choose one of the System.Drawing.SystemColors enumerations from a list. Each is a color of a Windows display element (i.e. ButtonShadow, ActiveCaptionText, etc).
    UI for WinForms ColorDialog System Palette
  • Web Palette

    The Web Palette lets you choose one of the named web colors from a list.
    UI for WinForms ColorDialog Web Palette
  • Professional Palette

    The Professional palette provides the greatest flexibility in selecting or tailoring the exact color you require.
    UI for WinForms ColorDialog Professional Palette
  • Features at a Glance

    • Transparency control - any color you select can have its transparency (alpha) channel modified to suit your needs. This feature allows for extra flexibility in selecting colors;
    • Custom colors - RadColorDialog lets you save custom colors. Use any of the color selection tools to select a color, including the eye dropper, and use the Add Custom Color functionality to retain custom colors between invocations of the color dialog;
    • Color picker (eye-dropper) tool - the user can pick another color from anywhere on the screen by using the provided Eye Dropper tool;
    • Color preview - RadColorDialog can display the current color in a dedicated color preview area, together with its HSL, RGB and HEX representations. The hexadecimal entry can be edited or copied/pasted from/to another source.
  • Right to Left and Localization Support

    RadColorDialog provides full localization support. See Localization and Right-to-Left Support for the full list of Telerik UI for WinForms controls that support RTL languages, layout and localization.

  • Appearance

    The control is shipped with a rich set of themes that allow you to easily build slick interfaces with the look-and-feel of some of the latest Windows and Office versions. The themes can be easily switched using a single property.

    Our framework also features support for custom themes, which can be built from scratch to fit your exact visual demands by using the Visual Style Builder productivity tool.

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