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  • Overview

    With RadZipLibrary for WinForms, you can archive, compress, drop and encrypt data to easily and securely transfer bulky files while saving on storage space.

  • Key Features of RadZipLibrary for WinForms

    Flexible API to Create and Edit ZIP Files

    Enjoy an easy-to-use API to both create and update ZIP files. You can also create ZIP files in memory or add data to ZIP files from a stream.

    Load Data from ZIP Files

    Read the files in the ZIP and get information about their name, actual size, etc. Load the files directly, include each file for download or view the information about them in any format desired.

    Compress and Decompress Streams 

    Compress streams when you need to save or transfer large sets of data and decompress them just when you need to use them again. Save storage space and network traffic.

    Support for Large Files

    Need to work with large file types? RadZipLibrary can quickly process multiple files larger than 4MB simultaneously.

    Encryption for Higher Security

    Ensure your ZIP files are always password-protected with RadZipLibrary encryption.

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