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  • Overview

    RadPdfProcessing for WinForms is a document-processing library that enables your applications to easily generate, import and export PDF documents. The API contains two different editors. You can choose between editing in a flow-like manner with the RadFixedDocumentEditor or customizing the PDF document structure with the FixedContentEditor.
  • The document library model supports:


    Add, modify or delete a page in a PDF document. Set page properties, including page size, orientation and more.

    Automatic layout

    RadPdfProcessing enables you to easily insert content that flows between pages with the help of blocks, tables and lists.


    Decoded on demand to maximize performance, without losing the encoded image data. The API also enables you to control the image quality when saving the document.


    Describe and draw two-dimensional shapes, including lines, paths, Bezier curves, arcs, rectangles and more.

    Form Xobjects

    Describe and bundle multiple objects like text, images, vectors and more elements into a single object within a PDF document and reuse it as many times as you need. This promotes efficiency and optimal document size.

  • Interactive Forms

    Create fillable PDF forms to collect user information. Use interactive textboxes, radio-buttons, listboxes and similar controls to allow the user to fill in data, save and digitally sign the PDF document.
  • Digital Signature

    The digital signature feature enables you to sign and validate PDF documents.


    Defines the outline of other content elements like images and paths.


    Associate an object with a location on a page of the PDF document.


    Define a particular view of a document.

    Colors and Color Spaces

    Support for different types of both.


    Support for the standard PDF fonts, Type0, Type1, CIDFontType2, TrueType and more.

    Text and Graphic Properties

    Provide options for changing the properties of the different elements in the document elements so you can achieve a unique look.


    Protect your PDF content with or without using a password.

    Merge Documents

    Combine pages of multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file.


    The API exposes functionality for exporting PDF files with unmatched performance and minimized memory footprint. Extremely useful when you need to add content to an existing document, merge or split documents.

    Export to PDF and Plain Text

    Converting to plain text is very useful for indexing purposes, e.g. if you want a “search” function in a bunch of PDFs.

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