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WinForms BulletGraph

  • Efficient Data Presentation

    The RadBulletGraph control is a variation of LinearGauge. It combines a number of indicators, as well as the data indicator into one control, which is light weight, easily customizable and straightforward to setup and use.

    The control is a great tool for dashboards as it is the optimal way to present a lot of information in relatively small size.

    UI for WinForms BulletGraph
  • Full Specification Compliance

    RadBulletGraph supports the full design specification: non zero-based scale, negative featured measures, projected values, having many comparative measures and quantitative ranges is not a problem.

  • Data Binding Support

    The control can be easily data bound to your business data, either by setting its properties directly, or by using a binding declaration.

  • Native Design Time Experience

    RadBulletGraph provides native design time experience in VisualStudio allowing you to select any of the component elements (bars, ticks, labels, needle, etc) and customize their appearance via the element Smart Tag or via the properties window of Visual Studio. In addition, new elements can be added to a gauge, or existing ones can be deleted.

    UI for WinForms BulletGraph Design Time
  • Save/Load Layout

    RadBulletGraph supports save and load layout functionality, which allows you to store your gauge setup, or to build a whole gauge gallery for your users, for them to pick from.

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