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  • Convenient Font Selection in Your Application

    With the FontDropDownList control available in Telerik UI for WinForms you can add a drop down list to the form enabling the end user to easily select a font to use from the full list of fonts available on the system, much like the one in Microsoft Word. This provides for a familiar user experience and fast and intuitive selection of fonts . As this is a DropDrownList it inherits all the features of the original control.

    Font selection inside the WinForms FontDropDownList control
  • Different Selection Modes

    Fonts can be selected both by click or on hover. Selection on hover is very useful to provide preview of what certain piece of text will look like, prior to actually changing its font.

  • AutoComplete

    Once a user starts typing into the form the list filters the fonts based on the input and highlights the one closes to the query.

    AutoComplete in WinForms FontDropDownList Control
  • Recently Used Fonts

    There is built-in functionality to display the most recently used fonts on top.

    Recently Used Fonts in the WinForms FontDropDownList control

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