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WinForms CheckedListBox

  • Enhanced alternative to the standard Windows Forms checked list box control with extensive visual formatting and data binding, as well as a powerful VS designer.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for WinForms suite with 160+ high DPI support controls designed to make development of complex, high-performance applications for desktop and tablets easy.  
  • The WinForms UI suite comes with flexible architecture allowing endless customizations, testing solutions, document processing libraries, extensive product documentation and demos as well as industry-leading support. 

  • Checked List at Your Fingertips

    RadCheckedListBox is an enhanced alternative to the standard Windows Forms CheckedListBox control. It uses RadListView as a foundation, so it benefits from its existing functionalities, which are now extended, and provides a list, icons or grid-like entries with checkboxes. A few of those are:
    • Item Editing
    • Filtering
    • Sorting
    • Grouping
    • Item Size and Customization
    • Exporting
    For the full set of features, check out the RadListView page.
    UI for WinForms CheckedListBox
  • Check Modes

    The control features three useful CheckOnClickMode options:

    • Off: Click on the checkbox to toggle the CheckState
    • FirstClick: Click anywhere on the item to toggle its checkbox
    • SecondClick: Click on a selected to toggle its checkbox

    You can also select one or more items and press space to toggle their CheckState.

    We have also exposed a convenient API to check/uncheck all items or to check/uncheck the selected items, to cover any scenario.

  • CheckBoxes Alignment

    Easily change CheckBox alignment with simple property settings, to accommodate all supported views.
    UI for WinForms CheckedListBox Alignment
  • Data Binding

    As an inheritor of, RadCheckedListBox inherits RadListView, extending its functionality to provide a better way to bind your RadCheckedListBox checkboxes to a data source. The CheckedMember is responsible for several types of data to which the check state can be bound, including Boolean, Numeric, ToggleState, CheckState and String.
    UI for WinForms CheckedListBox Data Binding

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