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WinForms LinearGauge

  • Enhance Your Dashboard with LinearGauge

    RadLinearGauge displays a value within a range, with numerous customization abilities, such as scales, tickets, labels and scale bars, as well as horizontal and vertical orientation.
    UI for WinForms LinearGauge Sample
  • Plenty of Predefined Styles

    The control comes with 40+ predefined styles out of the box. The style gallery enables you to pick the look you like best and have your gauge ready in just a single click.
    UI for WinForms LinearGauge Styles
  • Native Design-Time Experience

    RadLinearGauge provides native design-time experience in Visual Studio, enabling you to select any of the component elements (bars, lines, ticks, labels, needle and so on) and customize their appearance via the element Smart Tag or the properties window of Visual Studio. In addition, you can add new elements to a gauge, or delete existing ones.
    UI for WinForms LinearGauge Sample Design Time
  • Save and Load Layout

    Once you have your gauge set up, you can save it to XML file and load it afterward, or use it in another application by adding just a single line of code. Save/Load layout from/to XML is also available at design time via the Smart Tag. Using this same feature, you can build a whole gauge gallery for your users to pick from.

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