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WinForms TreeMap

  • The WinForms TreeMap control is designed to show hierarchical data as a set of nested rectangles.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for WinForms library along with 160+ professionally-designed UI controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, Visual Studio Extensions and more!
WinForms tree map control
  • Display Hierarchical Data as a Set of Nested Rectangles

    The Telerik UI for WinForms TreeMap control allows you to create interactive treemaps for analytical and presentation purposes. The Telerik TreeMap control comes with an easy yet compelling visualizing large sets of data within a limited space.

    Documentation on Getting Started with the Telerik UI for WinForms TreeMap control.

    WinForms TreeMap control
  • Selection Support

    The WinForms TreeMap control supports selection functionality that allows you to highlight items upon click or setting a property.

  • Support for Different Tiling Algorithms

    The Telerik TreeMap control support two tiling algorithms to visualize the data - Squarified and Slice and Dice.

    Documentation on TreeMap Algorithms.

  • Colorizers

    To fine-tine the appearance of your TreeMap display, the control comes with a set of colorizers which allow you to choose different colors for the different tiles in the control. The Telerik Treemap control for WinForms comes with the following colorizers:

    • Palette Colorizer
    • Gradient Colorizer
    • Range Colorizer

    Documentation on TreeMap Colorizers.

  • Built-in Legend Support

    The Telerik TreeMap control for WinForms has built-in support for a legend – descriptions of the plot's treemap data.

    Documentation on Legend Support.

  • Grouping

    The control comes with built-in support for grouping its data items by combining the pieces belonging to the same group with a similar color/palette.

    Documentation on Grouping Support.

  • Data Binding Support

    The data binding of the TreeMap control automatically populates the TreeMap with items based on the provided data structure.

    Documentation on Data Binding Support.

  • Automatic Items Ordering

    The layout orientation (vertical or horizontal) will be chosen automatically - by calculating the available space for the given data. When horizontal orientation is applied - the child tiles are going to be stacked horizontally. Respectively vertical orientation will make the child tiles to be stacked vertically.

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