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  • Overview

    Telerik Windows Forms ChartView control facilitates data visualization, achieving stunning visual effects. This chart component sets no limits on your data visualization needs. It can easily turn into Bar, Pie, Line, Area, Polar, Radar and Scatter with only a few clicks at design time. The input data is contained in a set of series classes. Each series have a collection of data points, that is, a data source which it displays according to the series’ type.
    UI for WinForms ChartView Overview
  • Most Essential Chart Types

    Slick and intuitive, RadChartView supports a great variety of chart types:

    • Bar, Range, RangeBar or Radar chart to compare several data sets

    • Pie and Donut chart to visualize a piece of data as part of the whole

    • Area, Line, FastLine, Spline and Stepline charts to monitor trends

    • Scatter, ScatterArea, ScatterLine and Bubble chart to visualize the correlation in a set of engineering data

    • Polar chart to plot engineering data in a polar coordinate system

    • Funnel chart to display a single series of data in progressively decreasing or increasing proportions

    • Waterfall chart to show the cumulative effect of positive or negative values on the starting point

  • Excellent Performance

    Easily create live-data experiences with updates as fast as the eye can see.

  • Financial Series Support

    Take advantage of the high-low-close (HLC), open-high-low-close chart (OHLC) and CandleStick chart types to visualize data in financial-based applications.

  • RadarColumn Series Support

    The RadarColumn Series is a two-dimensional chart consisting of three or more quantitative variables represented on axes with the same starting point in the ChartView. Radar Charts, also known as web chart or spider chart are often used to showcase the quality of improvement or status in a few different areas.

    Telerik UI for WinForms - ChartView - RadarColumn Series Image
  • Pan and Zoom

    The Pan and Zoom feature enables you to zoom and scroll data displayed over a period of time. With a simple and intuitive move, you can navigate through a large collection of data and focus on the period/category you need. Pan and Zoom works great with RadRangeSelector.

    Another functionality is the Lasso Selection (zoom to selection), where by selecting a rectangle on the surface of the control the latter will then zoom in automatically based on the selected Cartesian area.

    Pan and Zoom
  • Printing Support

    Following RadGridView, RadPivotGrid, RadScheduler and RadPdfViewer, RadChartView is yet another control from Telerik UI for WinForms for printing. Using print setting dialogs, your end users are already familiar with, the printing process will be a breeze.

    The control has a built-in ExportToImage function to export the control content to an image.

  • Annotations

    GridLine, PlotBand and Marked zone annotations are supported out of the box to help with highlighting an area in the chart.
    UI for WinForms ChartView Annotations
  • Drill-Down

    The drill-down functionality of a chart enables users to click on a graphical element representing data (bar, pie segment and the like), to navigate to another view containing different data. The new view usually contains finer-grained data such as yearly to quarterly data, quarterly to monthly and so on. Or, in the case of a retail store, from categories to brands, brands to items and so on.
    UI for WinForms ChartView Drilldown
  • Variety of Axes

    The control offers:

    • Categorical axes to plot data that contains categorical values
    • Categorical and Numerical DateTime axes to plot data with DateTime values sorted chronologically
    • Linear axes to plot data containing numerical values
    • Logarithmic axis used to plot numerical data where the values of each tick is growing exponentially
    • Polar axis rendered as a fixed line in a system of polar coordinates, where polar angle, θ, is measured counter-clockwise
    • Categorical and Numerical Radial axis to plot data in a Radar chart

    Additionally, RadChartView features different plot modes (on ticks, between ticks), axis alignment and inverse axis.

  • Selection

    By default, the control supports selecting single and multiple data points. In addition, using the lasso selection.
    UI for WinForms ChartView Selection
  • ToolTip and TrackBall

    Using tooltips, arbitrary information can be shown when the users hovers over a data point. With the track ball functionality, a vertical line is displayed across the chart plot area, and the area is highlighted wherever the line crosses data points. In addition, additional information can be displayed at those intersections.
    UI for WinForms ChartView Trackball
  • Scale Breaks

    The ScaleBreaks feature allows you to "break off" large chunks of the axis, so graphs with large amplitude are easier to read.
    UI for WinForms ChartView Scale Breaks
  • Smart Labels

    To better outline the values of your data points, they need labels of their own. However, in the case where there are lots of data points, displaying all the necessary labels to the end-user can be a challenging task. RadChartView solves this problem for you by implementing a smart algorithm that arranges the labels preventing them from overlapping each other while making it clear which label belongs to which data point.

  • Multiple Axes

    RadChartView supports multiple axes on the same chart and allows plotting data of different metric on the same chart. Such visual presentation allows the end-user to understand the relation between the different types of data involved in the same process.

  • Legend

    It is important that you not only provide a beautiful piece of data visualization, but also a map to reading it. With RadChartView you also get a slick looking legend to provide context to your data visualization. The RadChartView legend is easily customizable so that you can align it against the chart plot and make sure that it matches your general look and feel.

  • Null-Value Support

    A feature useful in many business cases, null-value support, enables RadChartView to properly display data with missing records for a given category or date, so your end users don’t confuse the missing records with zero values for those categories/dates. 

  • Predefined and Custom Color Palettes

    You can choose from one of the 19 predefined color palettes to get a chart look and feel that matches your application design. And if you require something even more custom, the flexible ChartView API will allow you to create your own palettes.

  • Seamless Integration With Other RadControls

    The smartly designed Telerik Presentation Framework allows for embedding ChartView into any of the other RadControls. This feature comes in very handy when you have to display trends in a GridView.

  • Built-in Interactive Themes

    RadChartView comes with several ready-to-use Telerik themes out-of-the-box. With the help of the Visual Style Builder tool you can easily customize any existing theme or create new ones. What's more, we armed you with a third option - utilize an intuitive CSS-like syntax allowing you to quickly built new skins by using code.
    Insert Edit Validate Data WinForms GridView
  • Data Binding

    Many business applications rely on database data, for example MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Access ODBC as well as XML data and business objects in multiple-tier scenarios. RadChartView follows the standard Windows Forms data-binding model. It allows you to bind your charts to any custom business object, database or declarative data source.
  • Extensive VS.NET Design-Time Support

    The control can be set up at design time using its Smart Tag or Properties Window, or specifically designed Property Builder.
    UI for WinForms ChartView Design Time

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