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WinForms Carousel

  • The WinForms Carousel is a navigation control that animates a series of elements by clicking forward and back arrows.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for WinForms library along with 160+ professionally-designed UI controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, Visual Studio Extensions and more!
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  • Browse a List of Items Interactively

    Telerik Windows Forms Carousel is a navigation control that allows the user to navigate through a list of items in a very interactive and innovative manner. Built on top of the Telerik Presentation Framework (TPF), RadCarousel supports robust databinding, smooth animations and transitions, automatic generation of item reflections, and dynamic addition and removal of items.
  • Rotate Any Telerik RadItem

    RadCarousel is based on the Telerik Presentation Framework (TPF) and as such can host other Telerik items and controls, such as Telerik's RadButton, RadCheckBox, and even RadGridView. This gives extra flexibility to the developer and further interactivity to the user. Alternatively, you can bind the control to a data source and rotate an unlimited number of items.
    WinForms Carousel control overview
  • DataBinding Support with Virtualization for Excellent Performance

    We realize that you may have a large data base that you would like to navigate with Telerik Windows Forms Carousel - for this reason we have given you the ability to bind the control to any standard data source. To manage the display of large amount of items, we have also added virtualization to the control, which significantly improves performance.
  • Auto-generating Item Reflection

    With Telerik Windows Forms Carousel there is no need to add reflections to your images beforehand - RadCarousel will automatically do this for you, saving you (and your designer) valuable time. The product will create mirror-like reflections for any of its items, be it image, text, or RadElement. The reflection will also get updated automatically if the item has a hover effect and has been hovered. Double the effect, half the effort.
    WinForms Carousel control demonstrating Auto generating Item reflection
  • Built-in Item Scaling with 3D Effect

    By using the advanced animation's engine of the Telerik Presentation Framework, RadCarousel automatically scales down the items that are further behind, and enlarges the ones at front, creating a realistic 3D effect. The amount of scaling is fully configurable and can be set differently to fit your exact case.
    WinForms Carousel control demonstrating item scaling with 3D effect
  • Smooth Animations

    The Telerik Presentation Framework (TPF), the underlying architecture of all controls in the RadControls suite, allows for any numeric property to be animated. Telerik Carousel builds on this architecture and offers ultimate user experience with smooth item motion without any CPU cost.
  • Predefined and Custom Item Trajectories

    Telerik Windows Forms Carousel items can move along a predefined path, such as an ellipse or a bezier curve. If you are searching for something more special, you can easily create a custom trajectory, either open or closed, to fit your requirements.
  • Single-Click Item Access

    You can bring into view any item in the Telerik Windows Forms Carousel by clicking on it directly, even if it is not on focus. You can also use the provided Prev/Next buttons to rotate the item into view. Doubleclicking on an item starts the event associated with this item.
  • Dynamic Addition and Removal of Items

    Depending on your needs, you can easily add or remove items from the Items' Collection of Telerik Windows Forms Carousel at run-time. This feature gives you extra flexibility when working with the control.
  • Touch support

    RadCarousel supports pan gestures to scroll its items and tap gesture to select one of them.

    UI for WinForms Carousel control Touch Support

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