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  • Overview

    The Image Editor control in Telerik UI for WinForms enables you and your end-users to perform basic, as well as some complex image editing capabilities.

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  • Basic and Advanced Image Editing Functionalities

    With the Image Editor control, you will be able to perform some of the most common image transformational actions such as: crop, resize, rotate and flip images. Additionally, you can shape the corners and even draw directly on the image itself.  You can also adjust the hue, saturation and contrast of the colors and also add the sharpen and blur effects.

    Telerik UI for WinForms - Image Editor - Advanced Editing Image
  • Integrated with RichTextEditor

    The Image Editor Control is integrated with the RichTextEditor so that you can edit images right into your documents without resorting to other applications.

  • Variety of Supported Formats

    The Image Editor Control supports multiple image formats for both importing and exporting. The supported image formats are:

    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • BMP
    • TIFF
    • GIF
    • ICO (only Import)

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