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Free .NET-based testing framework for functional UI testing

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The Telerik Testing Framework is a free .NET-based system of rules and libraries to create automated tests from scratch. The Telerik Testing Framework is proprietary technology that receives consistent commercial support and regular updates to support the creation of test cases based on the latest industry standards. The Framework is free to download and use but it requires advanced coding skills to build end-to-end UI tests.

Testing Framework Key Features

  • Powerful API Capabilities

    The Telerik Testing Framework exposes numerous properties and methods to help you build non-brittle, easily maintainable functional tests and save time when writing functional tests even for very complex web and desktop applications.
  • Easy to Set Up and Use

    Installing the Testing Framework is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is run the installer and then open Visual Studio to access the function libraries and get started with writing functional UI tests.
  • Modern and Legacy Framework Support

    Set implicit and explicit waits, test drag-n-drop and hovers, dynamic page elements, complex animations, generic and custom UI controls, and more. Guaranteed support for a myriad of technologies, including HTML 5, WPF or anything that runs in the web, be it .NET or JavaScript.
  • Cross Browser Testing

    Expand your cross browser testing efforts to all major browsers – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Headless Chrome, Firefox and Chromium-based Edge without ever updating your test case code. Simply change the browser type and watch your already created tests execute against that browser. 
  • Integrated Telerik and Kendo UI Controls Support

    Enjoy native support for the Telerik UI components for ASP.NET AJAX, Blazor and WPF as well as the Kendo UI web widgets for Angular and jQuery by way of ready-to-use wrappers. They enable developers to build regression tests for component-rich applications much quicker.
  • Seamless Integration with Visual Studio and CI/CD

    Create automated end-to-end tests right inside Visual Studio, taking advantage of its productivity tools plus the rules, methods and function libraries for UI testing provided by the Testing Framework. Integrate UI testing into your CI/CD pipeline regardless of your tool of choice.
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    New to Test Studio?

    Test Studio is a test automation platform for web and desktop applications, supporting functional UI, responsive, load/performance and RESTful API testing. Powered by Progress and based on the Telerik Testing Framework, Test Studio helps developers and test engineers automate end-to-end test scenarios faster and with fewer hurdles. It comes in a standalone IDE with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and ready-to-use Visual Studio extension allowing seamless transition to complex automation environments.

    “We chose Telerik for its extensive technology support, including various browsers, WPF, AJAX and JavaScript. Our browser and windows automation layers extensively leveraged the Telerik Testing Framework, enabling us to deliver our automation platform on time with multi-technology support.”

    Harish Narayan


    “The Telerik Testing Framework is the best product in the field of website automation testing. It enables me to overcome the problem of cross browser compatibility. I think it is very useful, so I advise all web developers to use it.”

    Waleed Mouhammed

    Engineering Faculty

    “I have many custom controls in my product, and I was forced to create all wrappers manually. Fortunately, the Telerik Testing Framework provides such capabilities—the most flexible framework for WPF automation testing that I have ever seen.”

    Stanislav Hordiyenko


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