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Loved by .NET Developers. Support .NET 5 RC2 & .NET Core

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What's Included

  1. Mock Everything

    • Interfaces
    • Virtual and abstract methods and properties
    • LINQ queries
    • Sealed classes
    • Static classes, methods, and properties
    • Non-virtual methods and properties
    • Non-public members and types
    • Delegates
    • Generics
    • MsCorLib members
    • DLL imports
    • Threadpool
    • Extension methods
    • Ref return values and ref locals
    • Local functions 
    • Named parameters
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Entity Framework mocking
    • Silverlight runtime mocking
    • Supported languages C#, VB and F#
  2. Mocking and Assert Functionality

    • Fluent Mocking
    • Future Mocking
    • Partial Mocking
    • Sequential Mocking
    • Recursive Mocking
    • Automocking
    • Assert occurrence
    • Assert Call Order
  3. Build Systems Integration

    • Team Foundation Server 2010-2018
    • Jenkins
    • TeamCity
    • MSBuild
    • Docker
    • Installation Free elevated mocking
    • Command line execution
  4. Integrate With Testing Frameworks

    • MSTest
    • MSTest 2
    • NUnit
    • xUnit
    • MSpec
  5. Integrate With Other Tools

    • VS 2010-2019 Code Coverage
    • VS 2010-2019 InteliTrace
    • JetBrains dotCover
    • NCover
    • OpenCover
    • JetBrains dotTrace
    • PostSharp

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What's New

Implement Support for .NET 5 Latest Release Candidate

Telerik JustMock ships support for the latest release candidate version of .NET 5.

Implement Support for Code Coverage in JustMock Azure Pipeline Task for .NET Core

We’ve enabled developers to execute Code Coverage over their .NET Core unit tests in JustMock Azure Pipeline Task.

Implement Support for Multiple Instances of Visual Studio for the DebugWindow Functionality

The JustMock DebugWindow now supports multiple instances of Visual Studio.

Support and Learning

Telerik JustMock
Blog Post

30 Days of TDD – Day 11 – What’s the Deal with “Mocking?”

If you’ve never done Test Driven Development or aren’t even sure what this "crazy TDD stuff” is all about than this is the series for you. Read and try!

Telerik JustMock
Blog Post

Unit Testing Blazor Components with bUnit and JustMock

In this guide to unit testing Blazor components, we'll cover everything from setting up your projects to simple unit test examples and a master-detail scenario.

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I recently dropped another leading mocking tool in favor of JustMock. I was never happy with the other tool’s syntax but I couldn’t find anything else on the market. I’ve found JustMock is a much more pleasant experience.

Brad Irby .NET Architect and author of Reengineering .NET, Reengineering .NET

When isolating methods for testing gets difficult when trying to test against legacy code or databases, JustMock really starts to set itself apart. Its features such as MsCorlib, Sealed, Static, Private method and Entity Framework mocking make the seemingly untestable, testable.

Bradley Braithwaite Software Developer, Contented Coder

I've used a series of mocking tools and I believe that the API for JustMock is the most mature that I've encountered so far. The highest praise that I can give a framework tool is to say that its semantics are readable enough that you don't think about them at all as you're reading the code, and this is true with JustMock.

Erik Dietrich Software Developer, DaedTech

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