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Easily Debug Mocked Objects

From finding what arguments your mock object is called with to why it’s not called or why it’s called repeatedly, the JustMock Debug Window helps you find the answers you are looking for while debugging your unit tests.
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  • Debug Mocked Objects

    Quite often when you write your unit test, the mock object doesn’t work as expected. Sometimes the issue Sometimes the issue is due to a difference between the arguments used for the arrangement and the arguments with which the method was called. Other times the mocked method is called too many times and you don’t know from where and why. In those situations, you need to carefully revise your code and experiment before you find the root cause of the issue. This wondering around is now solved by the JustMock Debug Window. It provides you all the required information you need about the arranged mock, including with what arguments the mocked method was arranged, how many times the mocked method is called, with what arguments and what is the call stack of each call.

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