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  • Mocking DLL Imports Overview

    The DLLImport is a storage class attribute that represents a Microsoft-specific extension to the C and C++ languages. With such extensions, you can import C and C++ DLLs and use them in C# or VB code. This inevitably makes your code dependent on calls to the C or C++ API.

    JustMock allows you to easily mock methods marked with the DLLImport attribute and test your code in isolation from such dependencies.

    public class Foo
        public static extern int GetCurrentProcessId();
    public void FormatCurrentProcessId_OnExecute_ShouldReturnExpected()
        var expected = 3500;
        // Arrange
        Mock.Arrange(() => Foo.GetCurrentProcessId()).Returns(expected);
        // Act
        var myFoo = new Foo();
        var actual = myFoo.FormatCurrentProcessId();
        // Assert
        Assert.AreEqual(string.Format("The current process ID is {0}", expected), actual);

    Mock DLL Imports documentation

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