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New JustMock Console

The New JustMock Console feature provides a standardized and easy approach to provisioning and running CI/CD unit tests that leverage JustMock's advanced capabilities. No installer is needed, the deployment happens through a NuGet package. Additionally, the seamless integration with the .NET tools infrastructure ensures JustMock's cross-platform compatibility. Furthermore, this release also provides integration with the latest version of the dotnet-coverage tool, further enhancing JustMock's functionality.


JustMock cross-platform deployment

Support for macOS

We are thrilled to announce the release of macOS support for JustMock. This marks a significant advancement in our commitment to providing a seamless user experience across multiple platforms. With the introduction of macOS compatibility, JustMock becomes accessible to the wider audience of Mac users, empowering them to harness the full potential of JustMock's features and capabilities. Now JustMock offers optimized performance and leverages the unique functionalities of macOS. We are excited to see how this expanded accessibility will enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction.  


JustMock support for macOS

Telerik JustMock

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