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Recursive Mocking

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  • Recursive Mocking Overview

    Recursive mocking is a productivity feature that allows you to mock a chained call to a member. This saves you the effort to create new objects, associating them to members, and executing additional logic for the "chain" to be fully prepared for access.

    public void ShouldAssertNestedPropertyGet()
        var expected = 10;
        // ARRANGE
        // Creating a mocked instance of the "IFoo" interface.
        var foo = Mock.Create<IFoo>();
        // Arranging: When foo.Bar.Value is called, it should return expected value.
        //              This will automatically create mock of foo.Bar
        //              and a NullReferenceException will be avoided.
        Mock.Arrange(() => foo.Bar.Value).Returns(expected);
        // ACT
        var actual = foo.Bar.Value;
        // ASSERT
        Assert.AreEqual(expected, actual);

    Recursive mocking documentation

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