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  • Mocking LINQ Queries Overview

    Language-integrated queries, also known as LINQ, are a set of technologies based on integrating query capabilities directly into the C# & VB languages. They are very popular and widely used thanks to offering a common syntax for querying any type of data source, decreasing  development time by catching errors at compile-time, etc.

    JustMock enables you to easily mock LINQ queries to isolate parts of your code from their dependencies.
    public void ShouldAssertWithCustomSelect()
        var simpleDataInstance = new SimpleData();
        // ARRANGE - When simpleDataInstance.Products_GET is called,
        //           it should return expected collection.
        Mock.Arrange(() => simpleDataInstance.Products)
        // ACT - Applying a LINQ query for simpleDataMock.Products.
        var actual = (from p in simpleDataInstance.Products
                      where p.UnitsInStock == 50
                      select p.ProductID).SingleOrDefault();
        // ASSERT
        Assert.AreEqual(2, actual);

    Mocking LINQ Queries documentation

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