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Increase Code Coverage

JustMock allows you to receive critical feedback about the completeness and thoroughness of your unit tests—an absolute must for any organization that strives for high-quality code. It correlates test and coverage results using code coverage integrations for Visual Studio, dotCover, OpenCover and more.
Nasa, Visa, Microsoft Fox, Samsung, IBM World Bank Group, Volvo
  • Increase Code Coverage

    For any organization that wants to maintain a high-quality standard of the software it provides, it‘s crucial to know what part of the software is tested. This is where code coverage comes in. Code coverage is a metric that can help you understand what percentage of your source code is unit tested and if part of your code is not executed by your unit test suite. Software with high code coverage has more of its source code executed during testing and lower chance of having undetected bugs in releases. To capture all failures upfront, JustMock integrates perfectly with the most popular code coverage tools like Visual Studio Enterprise code coverage, Azure DevOps code coverage, dotCover by JetBrains, NCover and more.


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