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  • What is Mocking?

    Mocking is a process used in unit testing when the unit being tested has external dependencies. The purpose of mocking is to isolate and focus on the code being tested and not on the behavior or state of external dependencies. In mocking, the dependencies are replaced by closely controlled replacements objects that simulate the behavior of the real ones. There are three main possible types of replacement objects - fakes, stubs and mocks.

    Fakes: A Fake is an object that will replace the actual code by implementing the same interface but without interacting with other objects. Usually the Fake is hard-coded to return fixed results. To test for different use cases, a lot of Fakes must be introduced. The problem introduced by using Fakes is that when an interface has been modified, all fakes implementing this interface should be modified as well.

    Stubs: A Stub is an object that will return a specific result based on a specific set of inputs and usually won’t respond to anything outside of what is programed for the test. With JustMock you can create a Stub in a test with a minimal amount of code, making it clear how the dependency will respond and how the tested system should behave.

    Mocks: A Mock is a much more sophisticated version of a Stub. It will still return values like a Stub, but it can also be programmed with expectations in terms of how many times each method should be called, in which order and with what data. With JustMock you can create a Mock with just one line of code, which makes the test more understandable.

    For more information on mocking and the differences between stubs, fakes and mocks read the Fakes, Stubs and Mocks blog post.

    More practical examples on how to get started mocking can be found in the Doing Your First Mock blog post. 


    What is Mocking?
  • Why is Easy to Write Tests?

    JustMock comes with an intuitive API with better discoverability that is easy to learn, use and allows for natural expression of mocking isolation concepts. The JustMock fluent interface facilitates fast feature discovery and provides options only valid to the current context resulting in higher productivity, better code, increased product quality and faster delivery.

    Why is easy to write tests?
  • Integration with Testing Frameworks

    JustMock integrates with all popular testing frameworks allowing you to focus on what is important, writing unit tests and increasing the quality of your product.

    Integration with Testing Frameworks
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