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We know the importance of providing quality and timely support, so we have designed our support plans to help you increase productivity and reduce development time. Review our support plans below and read why Telerik Support is considered among the best.

 Trial Lite Priority Ultimate
Support Plan Ideal for: ? Helps you select the best support plan based on your needs. Evaluating Telerik and Kendo UI products and servicesApplication development in a non-production environment without deadlines. Enables getting started quickly and effectively with our products. Application development in a production environment with flexible deadlines. Ensures technical support for any questions and issues related to our products. Application development in critical production environments or under tight deadlines. Designed for real-time collaboration and high-severity incident escalations with the engineers developing our products.
Support Term Duration ? Our commercial licenses include a 1-year support term. Our trial licenses come with 30-day dedicated support. 30 days1 year1 year1 year
Support Tickets ? Number of support tickets that can be raised for the duration of the Support Term. There are no restrictions to the number of submitted bug reports and feature requests. unlimited10unlimitedunlimited
Response Time ? Maximum lead time for each response. < 72 hours< 72 hours< 24 hours< 24 hours
Telerik Community Forums ? Access a wealth of resources and get connected to our vibrant community. 1,128,669+ posts, 2,300,372+ members and counting.
Feedback Portal ? Full transparency on the issues we have verified, scheduled and are in progress in real time. Every vote counts.
Training ? Expand and improve your development skills with our wide variety of technology and product-focused training courses, covering .NET, JavaScript and the Telerik and Kendo UI toolkits. Online self-paced trainingOnline self-paced trainingOnline self-paced trainingOnline self-paced training
Enhanced Technical
Support *
? Pick up the phone and speak to a technical person right away or demonstrate any issues in your environment.
   Phone and Remote Web Assistance
Issue Escalation * ? Escalate your tickets to highest priority in our support queue.    16-hour response
Ticket Pre-Screening * ? Ensure we have enough details in the ticket you submitted so our support team can work on it.    4-hour response


What is the Fair Usage Policy?

Most of our product licenses include unlimited access to the support service. In order to keep providing our industry-leading level of support, we have instituted a fair usage policy for our support services:
A support manager will review customer activities that exceeds at least ten times the average amount of support requests.

*Fair Usage Policies and Business hours

Fair Usage Policies applies to: Support Tickets, Enhanced Technical Support, Issue Escalation and Ticket Pre-Screening.
Business hours:

  • Response Time: Monday – Friday, 8 am–10 pm UTC, excluding public holidays.
  • Phone Assistance: Monday – Friday, 8 am–10 pm UTC, excluding public holidays.
  • Remote Web Assistance: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 2 pm UTC, excluding public holidays. Subject to scheduling availability. Requires 24-hour lead time.
  • Issue Escalation: Monday – Friday, 8 am–10 pm UTC, excluding public holidays. 16-hour maximum lead time for each response.
  • Ticket Pre-Screening: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 10 pm UTC, excluding public holidays. 4-hour maximum lead-time for each response.

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