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Mock Everything

Mock everything like non-virtual methods, sealed classes, static methods and classes, as well as non-public members and types everywhere even members of MsCorLib.
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  • Mock Everything

    JustMock lets you mock anything with ease. It provides support for mocking of:

    • Interfaces
    • Virtual and abstract methods and properties
    • LINQ queries
    • Sealed classes
    • Static classes, methods and properties
    • Non-virtual methods and properties
    • Non-public members and types
    • Delegates
    • Generics
    • DLL imports
    • Threadpool
    • Extension methods
    • Ref return values and ref locals
    • Local functions
    • Named parameters
    • MsCorLib members
    • WCF
    • Web services
    • Microsoft Entity Framework
    • Database connections and queries
    • Microsoft SharePoint Mocking
    Mocking Everything
  • Mocking MsCorLib Members

    Mocking .NET System members (a.k.a. MsCorLib) can be a daunting task. But with JustMock you can arrange against any MsCorLib member or function including DateTime.Now without any additional set-up.

    Mocking MsCorLib Members

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