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Mock Types and Members With Any Access Modifiers

Mock everything like non-virtual methods, sealed classes, static methods and classes, as well as non-public members and types everywhere even members of MsCorLib.
  • Mock Everything

    JustMock lets you mock anything with ease. It provides support for mocking of: Interfaces, Virtual Methods, Abstract Methods, Events, Properties, Generics, Strict and Loose Mocking, Asserting Behavior, Argument Matching and Ignoring, Sequential Mocking, Recursive Mocking, Sealed classes, Structs, Static classes, Static Methods and Static Properties, Non-virtual methods and Properties, Non-public members and types, LINQ queries, SharePoint Mocking, Local Functions, Ref Return Values and Ref Locals and more.
  • Mocking MsCorLib Members

    Mocking .NET framework members (a.k.a. MsCorLib) can be a daunting task. But with JustMock you can arrange against any MsCorLib member or function including DateTime.Now without any additional set-up.


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