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  • Overview

    With RadSpreadStreamProcessing for WinForms, create large spreadsheet documents and append data to existing ones at maximum speed. The library model is specifically designed to handle high volumes of data with low memory for optimal performance.

  • Key Features

    Directly Write into a Stream

    The key for the memory efficiency is that the spread streaming library writes the spreadsheet content directly to a stream without creating and preserving the spreadsheet document model in memory. Each time an exported object is disposed, the set values are written into the stream.

    Append New Worksheets 

    Append new worksheets to an existing workbook.


    You can group rows or columns into sections to easily read, outline and compare data in your worksheet.

    Hide Rows and Columns 

    Hide data from individual rows and columns that you currently don’t need displayed.

    Format Cells 

    Change the alignment, font, border and more properties of a cell.

    Style Cells

    Styles help you achieve a consistent cell formatting across your entire worksheet. You can create your own cell style or choose one from our library.

    Merge Cells

    Combine two or more adjacent cells into a single one to center headings, wrap text and outline data.

    Set Scale Factor

    You can apply a scale factor to the exported document.

    Control the Selection and the Active Cell

    Export a document with selection range and specified active cell of the selection.

    Show and Hide Gridlines 

    Choose whether to keep or remove all grid lines in your worksheet.

    Freeze Panes

    To always keep certain rows or columns in view as you move horizontally or vertically through the worksheet.

    Change the First Visible Cell

    Highlight a particular part of the worksheet when the user opens it.

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