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  • Generate big spreadsheet documents with great performance and minimal memory footprint in your .NET applications with the Telerik UI for WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library, specialized for fast generation of huge (even 1M+ rows) XLSX and CSV documents.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for WinForms library along with 160+ professionally-designed UI controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, Visual Studio Extensions and more!
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  • Powerful SpreadStreamProcessing Library

    SpreadStreamProcessing for WinForms is a high-performance library that enables you to create and export XLSX and CSV spreadsheet documents with fewer computing and memory resources. The library model is specifically designed to handle high volumes of data at maximum speed to ensure the success of your projects and applications.

    Learn more about SpreadStreamProcessing and how it compares to SpreadProcessing

    Overview of WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library
  • No External Dependencies

    With the WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing library, you don’t have to worry about external dependencies. Users can work with Microsoft Excel supported documents even without having Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office or any other third-party library installed on the client or server.

  • Fast and Memory-Efficient Spreadsheet Creation

    The key to maximizing performance with SpreadStreamProcessing for WinForms is that the spreadsheet data is streamed and operated on immediately without preserving the document model in memory.

     Fast and Memory Efficient Spreadsheet Creation with WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library
  • Workbooks and Worksheets

    The flexible API of the SpreadStreamProcessing library for WinForms enables you to create, style and format rows, cells and worksheets in a workbook. You can customize the first visible cell, selected cells, gridlines visibility, row and column header and zoom level, as well as to freeze panes and group and hide rows and columns.

    Documentation on how to work with Workbooks and Worksheets in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

  • Append New Worksheets

    Add worksheets from multiple documents into a new or existing workbook with the high performing WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing library. Utilize the API to obtain the appended worksheet names and avoid possible worksheet name duplicates.

    Append New Worksheets with WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library
  • Rows and Columns

    You can leverage a convenient API for setting the width, height, as well as the visibility of rows and columns to hide extra data that doesn’t need to be rendered without deleting it.

    Documentation on how to work with Rows and Columns in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

     Rows and Columns Support in WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library
  • Grouping

    Grouping is a quintessential spreadsheet feature that helps users more easily read, compare and summarize data by organizing it in sections. Users can expand and collapse rows and columns to hide the complexity of the detailed data and present just the summary of it. Use the SpreadStreamProcessing API to set the outline level of rows/columns when creating them.

    Grouping with WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library
  • Cells

    Cells are the building blocks of worksheets where rows and columns intersect. The WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing API provides multiple properties for defining the value and formatting options of cells. You can apply different settings to customize the cells’ fill, border, font family and size, wrapping, as well as various format strings, making it easy to work with a number of data types.

    Documentation on how to work with Cells in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

    Cells Support in WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library
  • Formulas

    Next to using format strings to format cell values, you can set the cell value to any OpenXML-supported formula. In this way, when the document is open in any spreadsheet application that complies with this format, it will evaluate the formulas correctly.

    Documentation on the Formulas support in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

    Formulas Support in WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library
  • Style Cells

    Achieve unified cell appearance with cell styles. Cell styles allows you to format multiple cell properties, including borders, fonts and strings in one go and reuse it across the whole document during cell creation. You can modify an existing one or create your own.

    Documentation on how to Style Cells with RadSpreadStreamProcessing

    Style Cells Support in WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library
  • Merge Cells

    Combine two or more adjacent cells into a single one to center headings, wrap text and outline data.

    Documentation on how to Merge Cells with RadSpreadStreamProcessing

    Merge Cells Support in WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library
  • Freeze Panes

    Freeze row and column headers to always keep them visible while scrolling down and across your worksheet. The API allows freezing any number of rows and columns during their creation.

    Freeze Panes Support in WinForms SpreadStreamProcessing Library

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