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  • Powerful Spell Checker at Your Service

    The SpellChecker component notifies users of misspelled words and provides suggestions for corrections. It supports word-by-word as well as all-at-once spellcheck modes.

    Another useful feature is the support for custom dictionaries so you can provide your own set of words or language of choice. 

  • Spell-Check As You Type

    You can add as-you-type spell-checking functionality to your textbox controls. Equipped with a large dictionary, RadSpellChecker can identify misspellings and will flag them with the familiar red squiggly underline. By right-clicking on a flagged word, you can choose to replace the word with one of the word suggestions, choose to ignore the flagged word, or add the flagged word to the dictionary.

  • TextBoxes Integration

    In addition to built-in integration with RadTextBox and our own text box implementation, RadTextBoxControl, RadSpellChecker has built-in support even for Microsoft TextBox (and its inheritors).

  • Localization Support

    Business globalization requires multi-lingual applications. RadSpellChecker supports full localization of its strings.

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