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WinForms RadialGauge

  • Stunning Data Visualization

    The WinForms Radial Gauge is very useful for illustrating progress towards a goal, the current status of a value within a range of upper and lower bounds or a summary of some fluctuating metric.

    WinForms RadialGauge
  • Plenty of Predefined Styles and Stunning Animations

    Leverage 30+ gauge styles, complete with rich interactivity and fluid animations, to ensure RadRadialGauge can easily fit any scenario.
  • Native Design-Time Experience

    RadRadialGauge provides native design-time experience in VisualStudio, enabling you to select any of the component elements (arc, ticks, labels, needle and so on) and customize its appearance using the element Smart Tag or the properties window of Visual Studio. In addition, you can add new elements to a gauge or delete existing ones.

    UI for WinForms RadialGauge Design Time
  • Save/Load Layout

    RadRadialGauge supports save and load layout functionality, which enables you to store your gauge setup or build a whole gauge gallery for your users, for them to pick from.

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