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  • With an extensive set of jQuery chart types, quickly build beautiful data views with to satisfy any business requirement, no matter how complex.
  • Part of the Kendo UI for jQuery library along with 100+ professionally-designed components.
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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for jQuery Chart component represents your remote or local data in beautiful, professionally designed charts of virtually any type.  Easily integrate these charts into your web page by using a jQuery selector and customize the look and feel of the chart with flexible properties for axis, data series, appearance and more. This performance-first component makes dashboard-style data views easier than ever!

    See the jQuery Charts Overview demo

  • The jQuery Chart components offer a rich variety of charts and series types. You can use each series type independently or add multiple different series to a single chart, rendered together.

    ·      Area Chart

    ·      Bar Chart

    ·      Box Plot Chart

    ·      Bubble Chart

    ·      Bullet Chart

    ·      Donut Chart

    ·      Funnel Chart

    ·      Heatmap Chart

    ·      Line Chart

    ·      Pie Chart

    ·      Polar Chart

    ·      Radar Chart

    ·      Range Area Chart

    ·      Range Bar Chart

    ·      Scatter Chart

    ·      Stock Chart

    ·      Waterfall Chart

    ·      Pyramid Chart

    ·      Sankey Diagram


  • Date, Numeric, and Logarithmic Axes

    Set up your jQuery Charts with the type of axis most logical for your data. By setting the valueAxis property, you can choose between date, numeric, and logarithmic axes. Furthermore, you have complete control of the scale whether is a straightforward range or uses min, max, sum, avg, or count.

    See the jQuery Area Chart Date and Logarithmic Axis demos

  • Multiple Axes

    Create optimized business reports by visualizing data on multiple axes. Each can have its own type and scale.

    See the Line Chart Multiple Axes demo

  • Error Bars

    Error bars are a common way to show variability of data and are often used when statistical accuracy is needed. They show high and low deviation thresholds. Set these values manually or through statistical calculations.

    See the jQuery Bar Charts Error Bars demo

  • Trendlines

    The jQuery Line Charts’ Trend Lines are automatically generated indicators that illustrate data trends over time. The linear trendline, for example, indicates whether a particular quantity is increasing or decreasing over time. The moving average trendline, on the other hand, is used to smooth out the variations in data by averaging all points in a certain period of time.  

    See the jQuery Charts Trend Lines demo 

    Trendline Overview
  • Title, Subtitle and Legend

    To further customize the look and feel of the Kendo UI for jQuery Chart component, you can configure the appearance of its title, subtitle or explanatory title and legend. All of these will make your charted data easier to understand.

    See the Kendo UI for jQuery Title and Subtitle and Legend documentation

  • Panning and Zooming

    Show large data views in limited space by enabling pan and zoom features. Users will be able to click and drag to pan and user SHIFT+drag or the mouse wheel to zoom. For complete control, you can lock the X or Y axis. You can also customize behavior using events fired while the users interact.

    See the jQuery Bar Chart Pan and Zoom demo

  • Drill Down to More Detailed Data

    The drill-down functionality in the Kendo UI for jQuery charts enables users to easily click on a specific chart element, such as bar or pie segment, and navigate to a mode detailed view about the selected item (e.g. breakdown by product).  

    See the jQuery Charts Drill-down demo

    Charts Drilldown
  • Legend Display

    The Kendo UI for jQuery Charts enable you to customize the legend of the component’s series. You have the option to customize either the entire legend or the legend layout for a specific series. 

    See the jQuery Charts Legend Display demo

    Charts Legend Display
  • Data Binding

    The jQuery Charts can display any JSON data from local or remote sources (via REST). You can also bind to grouped data for more advanced scenarios. Thanks to the Kendo UI jQuery DataSource component, binding to data can be as simple as passing in an array or giving the URL to your remote services.

  • SVG and Canvas Rendering

    All Kendo UI for jQuery Chart components can be rendered either as a SVG element or a Canvas element through a single configuration potion, the `renderAs` property. With this, developers can pick and choose element they prefer to display on the page without having to rewrite their chart implementations.

    Read the jQuery SVG and Canvas rendering documentation

  • Notes

    Notes help you display additional information about your data view. You can set them manually or tie them to a data value, category, axis, or data item. To keep your view looking consistent, you can define templates that can be reused between charts and views.

    Read the jQuery Chart Notes documentation

  • Panes

    Panes allow you to subdivide your view of a categorical chart for easier viewing by colorizing certain portions of the background color of the chart area. The most common pane configuration is setting background color to make categories stand out from one another.

    Read the jQuery Chart Panes documentation

  • Tooltips

    Tooltips helps your users get information by displaying data in a popup when hovering over a data point. They are designed to match the data series by default but are also customizable.

    Read the jQUery Chart Tooltips documentation

  • Export

    The jQuery Chart provides multiple export options. You can export to PDF, SVG, or image files and allow the user to download them or you can programmatically save them to a server.

    See the jQuery Stock Chart Export demo

  • Appearance

    Don’t worry about styling each element of your view. The jQuery Chart includes a set of predefined themes you apply through a simple theme property. These themes are customizable for cases where changes are needed.

    Read the jQUery Chart Appearance documentation

  • Animation

    Provide an enjoyable user experience buy showing data series animations when a chart initially loads or when data changes.

    Read the jQuery Chart Animation documentation

  • Plot Bands

    Plot Bands enable highlighting of a specific range on any axis (both X and Y) to showcase additional information related to the displayed series. This can be very useful when trying to showcase a range of good or bad numbers, or just providing focus to a certain area of the jQuery Chart.

    See the jQuery Bar Chart Plot Bands demo


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