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jQuery TaskBoard

  • Create your own jQuery task management board made popular by Kanban applications such as Trello.
  • Part of the Kendo UI for jQuery library along with 100+ professionally-designed components.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, learning resources and more!
  • Overview

    You can now create your own task management board! The new Taskboard component displays any information with cards that can be categorized into “swimlane” columns (otherwise known as a trellis view). Those cards can then be dragged and dropped across the lanes. This interface is most often seen in Kanban applications such as Trello.

    See the jQuery TaskBoard demo

  • Data Binding

    The TaskBoard is very flexible when it comes to data binding. You can bind to a local array or fetch data from a remote server. Either way, it is very easy and well documented.

    See the jQuery TaskBoard Data Binding documentation

  • Editing

    The TaskBoard consists of cards organized into columns. When configuring the component, you can specify that one or both be read-only or editable.

    See the jQuery TaskBoard Editing demo

  • Cards

    Items placed on the TaskBoard are rendered in Cards. In addition to card templates, you have a variety of configuration options for Card state and Car menu that will control how they behave. Card states include enabled, disabled, and read-only. Card menu commands include select, save, delete, move, edit, and add.

    See the jQuery TaskBoard demo

  • Columns

    Cards on the TaskBoard are grouped into Columns. Various settings help you customize the TaskBoard to your requirements. These include width, templates, and commands (buttons). You can create custom commands, but built-in commands for add, edit, delete, save, and cancel are available.

  • The TaskBoard includes a search box to help your users find content in the cards. This is a great UX element that you get out of the box!

    Read the jQuery Search Tool documentation

  • Templates

    While the TaskBoard provides many out-of-the-box configurations, you can also use templates to customize anything. This includes cards, columns, headers, preview pane and more.

    See the jQuery Templates demo

  • Validation

    Set your business rules using the TaskBoard’s validation feature. For example, you can specify that only tasks “In Progress” can be moved to the “Done” column. Another example is setting the maximum number of cards in a column. The possibilities are endless.

    See the jQuery TaskBoard Validation demo

  • RTL Support

    We strive to make globalization easy for all Kendo UI components. In pursuit of that mission, displaying content in right-to-left mode is as easy as setting an option.

    See the jQuery TaskBoard RTL Support demo

  • Keyboard Navigation

    Keyboard Navigation

    Your users will enjoy full keyboard support with actions for changing focus, selection, deletion, toggling modes, and adding columns and cards.

    See the jQuery Taskboard Keyboard Navigation demo

    Keyboard Navigation
  • Accessibility

    The TaskBoard is accessible by screen readers and provides WAI-ARIA, Section 508, WCAG 2.1, and keyboard support.

    Read the jQuery TaskBoard Accessibility documentation

    jQuery accessibility

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