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jQuery Spreadsheet

  • Bring Excel or Google Sheet-like experiences to your jQuery applications without the hassle of a single line of code.
  • Part of the Kendo UI for jQuery library along with 100+ professionally-designed components.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, learning resources and more!
  • Overview

    Bring Excel or Google Sheet-like experiences to your web applications without the hassle of a single line of code. Organize data with these built-in functionalities: formulas, filtering, sorting, scrolling and frozen panes. Load/save data from JSON via API methods or enable export to Excel on the client.

    See the jQuery Spreadsheet demo

  • Sorting and Filtering

    Organize and search data easily using the built-in sorting feature of Kendo UI for jQuery Spreadsheet. Sort values in the Spreadsheet globally or sort a selected range of column values and get a better understanding of data spanning across multiple rows and columns.

    See the jQuery Spreadsheet demo

  • Server Import/Export

    The jQuery Spreadsheet is capable of handling large datasets by leveraging the server to process data for importing into the component and also to export data in friendly formats, mainly PDF and Excel.

    See the jQuery Spreadsheet Server Import/Export demo

  • Disabled Cells

    In cases where you need to lock specific data from editing, you can lock selected cells and make others editable.

    See the jQuery Spreadsheet Disabled Cells demo

  • Custom Cell Formatting

    Just like all popular spreadsheet software, the jQuery Spreadsheet allows the user to format cells for their specific data type, colors, borders, and much more. That’s not all. We take it a step further by supporting custom cell editors. You can use these to help the user enter the correct date. Use the Color Picker if the user needs to select a color or the DatePicker if a user needs to enter a date.

    See the jQuery Spreadsheet Custom Cell Editors demo

  • Formulas

    Enjoy a wide range of formulas, from standard numeric such as sum, count, min, max, average to advanced math, statistical, date or text formulas for custom calculations. They come supported out-of-the-box, so you only need to use the function row from the UI to define the formula.

  • Performance

    Enjoy virtually no limitations on the number of cells in a sheet, providing unmatched performance--even with thousands of cells.

  • Image Support

    All standard image formats can be imported and added to cells as content. This makes visualizing complex tables more intuitive as users can place images to provide clues about what each cell does, or just to improve the table’s visualization.

    See the jQuery Spreadsheet Images demo

  • Cell Comments

    Users can add comments to any cell – whether it’s a note to themselves or a collaborator, or perhaps an explanation of what a formula does.

    See the jQuery Spreadsheet Cell Comments demo

  • Validation

    The jQuery Spreadsheet has validation tools built-in, giving you a way to ensure data in common formats fit your rules (ex: emails, dates). You can also include you own custom rules.

    See the jQuery Spreadsheet Validation demo

  • Globalization

    he jQuery Spreadsheet supports any globalization or localization scenarios. You can also enable RTL mode to display the control’s text and UI elements from left to right.

    Read the jQuery Spreadsheet Globalization documentation

  • Keyboard Navigation

    Improve accessibility and productivity with keyboard-only navigation. This component supports keyboard navigation to help navigate and interact with items.  

    See the jQuery Spreadsheet Keyboard Navigation demo

    Keyboard Navigation

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