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Xamarin.Forms DataGrid

  • Best in class Xamarin Data Grid component with featuring stunning performance, CRUD operations support, MVVM support, filtering, sorting, grouping, validation and much more.
  • Part of Telerik UI for Xamarin together with other best-in-class native components for any app and device.
  • Comes with free document processing library, multiple demos, rich documentation, and instructor-led training.
Support for Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac
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  • Xamarin DataGrid Overview

    The Telerik UI for Xamarin Data Grid is a powerful and feature-rich control that allows you to easily visualize and edit tabular represented data in your Xamarin.Forms apps. The control can be populated from various data sources, has built in CRUD operations, out of the box support for operations like sorting, filtering, grouping and validation and editing over the underlying data.

    Combined with stunning performance and platform-specific UI, the DataGrid control is a great tool to display data in native mobile applications for Android, iOS, and UWP. Both in Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac.

    Documentation on Getting Started with the Xamarin.Forms DataGrid Control

    Xamarin DataGrid View Example
  • High Performance and UI Virtualization

    Provide your end-users with flawless performance thanks to the powerful grid control data layer. The built-in UI Virtualization makes sure that cell and row elements are created only when needed and only for the currently visible cell and row elements, hence reducing memory footprint and boosting the performance to new heights.

    High Performance and UI Virtualization
  • Data Management and CRUD Operations

    The Telerik UI for Xamarin Data Grid control can display data from any data source by simply feeding the data items collection to its ItemSource property. Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations are also supported out of the box by the underlying data engine.
    Data Management and CRUD Operations Example
  • Load on Demand

    Loading a large data set on a mobile device has its challenges. One of the most popular approaches is using incremental data loading as additional items need to be visualized, on-demand by the user. Telerik UI for Xamarin DataGrid offers automatic data loading once you’ve scrolled to the last available record, or by displaying a customizable button which will initiate loading more data items.

    Documentation on the DataGrid Load On Demand mode

    Xamarin Data Load on Demand Example
  • Commands and MVVM support

    Following the best practices for the Command design pattern in the XAML and MVVM words, DataGrid for Xamarin Forms provides MVVM support with a set of commands that allow different aspects of the control behavior to be handled or completely overridden.

    Documentation on the DataGrid Commands support

  • Wide Variety of Predefined Columns

    DataGrid has plenty of built-in columns such as Text, Boolean, Numeric, ComboBox, DateTime and a Template grid column in order to enable handling different data types and user scenarios, each with its specific editor. There are also several types of column generation options such as automatic grid column generation, manual or mixed mode, that brings utmost flexibility when shaping up the columns in the grid control.

    Documentation on the DataGrid Columns

    Wide Variety of Predefined Columns for Xamarin DataGridExample
  • Xamarin DataGrid Editing

    Telerik UI for Xamarin Grid read/write capability allows developers to quickly enable app users to edit data presented in the grid. Depending on the column data type, a relevant editor allows end-users to edit content with the appropriated editor type. For instance, if one of the columns is a date, a date-picker will be used to offer the user a change in the date field.

    Xamarin DataGrid Editing Example
  • Validation API

    The built-in validation enables restricting the input data to the desired format via custom validation or INotifyDataErrorInfo, providing the ability to display the errors on an external UI.

    Documentation on the DataGrid Validation API

    Xamarin.Forms DataGrid Validation API
  • Xamarin DataGrid Filtering, Grouping & Sorting

    Easily perform SORT, FILTER or GROUP operations on your data via the intuitive user interface or with the convenient API of the DataGrid. The highly optimized data layer of the control handles these operations instantly. No matter what your goal is for displaying the data in the grid, or what is the app user preferred data view, it can be done with the various options for sorting - ascending, descending, single, or multi-column, as well as custom, filtering with different types of filter descriptors, expressions and filter editors for the diverse data types, or grouping the data on a single on multiple levels with a hierarchical view.

    Documentation on the supported Sorting, Filtering and Grouping capabilities of the Xamarin.Forms Grid

    Xamarin DataGrid Filtering, Grouping and Sorting
  • Nested Properties Support

    With the built-in support for Nested Properties, the DataGrid columns can be bound to sub-objects of the items in the item source. Now it is possible to bind to Company.Supervisor.Name - the Name property of the object stored in the Supervisor object of the data item, or any other level of nested properties.

    Documentation on the DataGrid Nested Properties Support

    Xamarin DataGrid Nested properties Support
  • Single and Multiple Selection

    Xamarin.Forms DataGrid features single or multiple item selection, as well as controlling the selection—Unit – Cell or Row—thus enabling any selection scenario you want your Xamarin app users to have.

    Documentation on the Xamarin.Forms DataGrid Selection Capabilities

    Single and Multiple Selection
  • Fine-Grained Customizations

    Visual elements and menus in the Xamarin Grid control are accessible and highly customizable. To achieve any UI requirements, you can change colors, fonts or directions, add/remove/replace menu items in context menus, define cell, editors, column and group header styles, set error text for non-validated cells and rows and much more.

    Documentation on the DataGrid Styling Capabilities

    Fine-Grained Customizations in Xamarin DataGrid
  • Rows Alternation

    Xamarin.Forms DataGrid supports alternating row colors so your app users can easily distinguish one row from another.

    Xamarin DataGrid Rows Alteration Example
  • Styling and Appearance

    The Telerik DataGrid control for Xamarin.Forms features a built-in styling mechanism for customizing the look of the control and its items with the already familiar approach of using StyleClass and resources. Utilizing the theming concept makes it easier to implement corporate branding in the mobile application or to achieve the same look and feel on both Android and iOS.

    Xamarin DataGrid Styling and Appearance Example
  • Localization and Globalization

    The control has built-in localization support, which makes it easy to localize your app to any language your project demands. In addition, the control also features globalization capabilities so it reflects the device culture and uses it to present the user with the appropriate culture-specific formats.

    Documentation on Xamarin Localization support

    Xamarin Localization and Globalization

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